CNS Produces Workshop on Open Source Analysis for UC Berkeley

February 4, 2015
Melissa Hanham

About the Workshop

Open Source Analysis UC Berkeley Workshop

Jeffrey Lewis and Melissa Hanham, instructors of the US Berkeley workshop.

The Center for Nonproliferation Studies developed a new course for UC Berkeley’s Nuclear Policy Working Group using new tools in open source analysis.

The two day event, “Workshop on the Application of Open Source Tools for Nuclear Nonproliferation Research” was at maximum capacity with not only students from across the country, but members of Sandia and Livermore national labs.

New Tools: Open Source Analysis

Instructors Jeffrey Lewis and Melissa Hanham focused on technical solutions to nonproliferation policy questions, using hands-on exercises related to handling satellite imagery, analyzing social media, annotating maps, and building 3D models. Lessons were built around real-life case studies such identifying and analyzing Myanmar’s secret defense facilities and North Korea’s missile launchers.

Berkeley’s Nuclear Policy Working Group published the workshop’s lecture slides, and its members continue to interact and problem-solve using a LinkedIn group.

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