New Tools to Better Monitor Eurasian Nonproliferation-Related Developments

December 4, 2018

Video Seminar: Took place on November 19, 2018, at CNS of MIIS in Monterey

Seminar with Stephan De Spiegeleire

Stephan has worked as a defense and security analyst at the RAND Corporation for nearly 10 years, interrupted by 3-year stints at SWP (Germany) and the WEU’s Institute for Security Studies (France). Since 2004 he has worked in research institutes in the Netherlands (currently Principal Scientist at HCSS and Senior Advisor Defense and Security at TNO).

Stephan also teaches at Webster University and at military academies across the world. From a start as a Soviet specialist, he has branched out into a number of different directions – all related to strategic orientation and navigation in international relations (writ large). His main research area is international defense and security planning, with a special focus on security foresight, risk assessment, (comprehensive) capabilities-based planning, strategic balance of investment, performance management, human-centered defense and security design. Stephan is currently redeveloping an active research portfolio on post-Soviet security issues, especially on Russia and Ukraine.

View the Power Point presentation (PDF)


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