Lab-to-Lab: US-Russian Lab-to-Lab Collaboration Story [Archived]

Early lab-to-lab meetings video gallery

We publish here short clips from several videos prepared by Russian institutes that document memorable moments of first contacts.

US experts on verification of nuclear tests – Don Eilers and Don Westervelt of LANL – were invited to come to Arzamas-16 on October 13, 1990. This was the first ever American visit to VNIIEF. They learned about VNIIEF research into inertial fusion and partook in an outdoor banquet. Viktor Mikhailov hailed the historical event – The ice is broken!

December 1991. Dan Stillman and Nerses Krikorian of LANL visit VNIIEF to explore possible collaboration in scientific research. This visit was initiated by Academician Alexander Pavlovsky who believed it would strengthen the ties between the two institutions.

Irvin Lindemuth and Robert Reinovksy of LANL visited VNIIEF in January 1992. With their counterpart Vladimir Chernyshev of VNIIEF, they found out that LANL and VNIIEF’s research in thermonuclear fusion in ultra-high magnetic fields was complementary. Collaboration was of the highest priority and mutually beneficial.

On February 23, 1992, Sig Hecker of LANL and John Nuckolls of LLNL with their colleagues stepped on the tarmac of Sarov airport to begin three intensive days of tours and discussions in VNIIEF.

Feb. 1992. Sig Hecker speaks at the banquet dinner at VNIIEF: I came here with a very happy heart – to be able to work with you jointly to make the world a much safer place. I drink to our partnership and our working together.

Sept. 1993. First experiment successfully completed!

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