Lawry and Alice Mann Interview

Lab-to-Lab: US-Russian Lab-to-Lab Collaboration Story [Archived]

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Read Lawry and Alice Mann in Conversation with Sig Hecker, Paul White and Alla Kassianova

Lawry and Alice Mann settled in Los Alamos in 1958 as a young couple. Lawry was employed by Los Alamos National Laboratory for more than 30 years. After retirement, he served on the Los Alamos County/City Council for 10 years. Alice worked as a recreation therapist for The Family Council in The Day Out Program for several years.

Three people smiling for the camera near a table with yellow flowers.

Lawry and Alice Mann with a Russian visitor from Sarov at their home. Jan. 23, 2003.

As a County Council Chairman, Mann devoted a lot of time and efforts to advance community exchange programs with Russia and especially with Los Alamos’ sole sister city, Sarov. He served as the chair and program coordinator for the Los Alamos-Sarov Sister Cities Initiative, bringing many Russian groups to Los Alamos. Read the story of one such visit in 2004. For dozens of Russian community delegates visiting Los Alamos, Lawry and Alice’s house was their true home away from home.

Photograph of a newspaper with an image of a photograph with two men.

Los Alamos Monitor issue of April 5, 2015 with the front page dedicated to Boris Nemtsov. On the photo, Lawry Mann in Governor Nemtsov’s office in Nizhni Novgorod in May 1995.

The Manns hold dear the friendships they made with their Russian house guests and the people they met in Russia. With great pleasure mixed with great sorrow, they remember Boris Nemtsov who hosted them in Nizhni Novgorod as Governor of the oblast and later met them when visiting Los Alamos. The Manns meetings in Nizhni Novgorod and Sarov in May 1995  are featured here in the Los Alamos News Bulletin of June 16, 1995.

Lawry and Alice embody the warm spirit of the community exchanges and believe that they must be resumed.

Three people seated at a table, smiling for the camera.

From right to left: Alice and Lawry Mann and Alla Kassianova browse Mann’s archive of US- Russian exchanges. Los Alamos, Feb. 2017

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