Lab-to-Lab: US-Russian Lab-to-Lab Collaboration Story [Archived]

The lab-to-lab relationship through people’s stories

We reached out to people for whom the lab-to-lab relationship became a memorable part of their professional career, asking them to share their memories and reflections. Their stories are in this section.

Nerses (Krik) Krikorian
How a refugee Armenian achieved a stellar career in Los Alamos and paved the way to lab-to-lab

Olga Martin
A tribute to Nellie Schachowskoj

Harry Dreicer
On lifetime at the forefront of magnetic fusion research and early contact with the Soviet scientists

Lawry and Alice Mann
How the people of Sarov became like family to this Los Alamos couple

Hugh Casey
On having Academician Velikhov as a personal friend and promoting positive feelings through S&T cooperation

Molly Cernicek
On walking the walk of technology commercialization in Russia and with the Russians

Thomas Bowles
On learning about courage and perseverance while chasing neutrinos with Russians

Robert Thomsen
On the still unfinished poem of Sarov and Los Alamos

John Ruminer
How a unique workshop for nuclear weapons engineers opened a door for firefighters

Dennis (Denny) Erickson
Behind the scenes of a visit that set the stage for years of a unique relationship

Deniece Korzekwa and Franz Freibert
On benefits and challenges of exchanges in plutonium science with the Russians

Jim Sprinkle
How the U.S. stepped in to help Kazakhstan adopt IAEA nuclear safeguards standards

Sara Scott
On working inside the granite mountain and the right approach to managing an inter-laboratory team

Loren (Jake) Jacobson
Stories of travel, hard work, and friendships in Kazakhstan and Ukraine

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