High-Energy Density Collaboration

Lab-to-Lab: US-Russian Lab-to-Lab Collaboration Story [Archived]

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High-Energy Density Collaboration

These photos were submitted by the VNIIEF scientist Sergey Florovich Garanin as part of his paper draft for the book. Only a few of them made it to the printed edition. Here we publish the entire set. These photos illustrate the pages on Collaboration in Pulsed-power-based High-energy-density Physics. More photos can be found in the memories by Irv Lindemuth, an active participant of these collaborations.

June 1992. LANL delegation observes preparation for an MC-1 generator shot at VNIIEF. A. I. Pavlovsky (second from right) points out features. To Pavlovsky’s right are C. M. Fowler and S. M. Younger. Behind Pavlovsky are R. E. Reinovsky and I. R. Lindemuth. Fowler pushed the button to detonate the generator and received a bottle of vodka as payment (VNIIEF photo)

Group photo taken outside with Russian and US Flags

Participants in the first joint LANL/VNIIEF experiment conducted at VNIIEF September 22, 1993.

LANL Director S.Hecker is congratulating A.A. Petrukhin on the successful experiment.

People standing around equipment

Russians in Ancho Canyon for the first time. V. Rogachev, O. Tatsenko, Ye. Kutyrev, V. Selemir, Ye. Panevkina

People surrounding machinery.

R.E. Reinovsky, D.King, Ye.Gerdova A.I. Bykov. Setting up the first experiment.

LANL. Finishing touches in setting up the MAGO experiment (1994)

LANL. Finishing touches in setting up the MAGO experiment (1994)

Group photo outside with equipment

VNIIEF. Participants of joint experiment MAGO-3 (1995). In the foreground is the experimental assembly with MAGO chamber and EMG

Group photo

VNIIEF. Participants of a joint MAGO experiment, aimed at obtaining X radiation data

Liner in HEL-1 experiment

Setting up the HEL-1 experiment

Sarov. Studying the conductivity of noble gases at megabar pressures

S. Younger is presenting to LANL Director S. Hecker the setup of experiment on frozen gas compression.

External view of the pilot assembly for RHSR experiment

Participants of the conferences held in Los Alamos and Pleasanton, USA.

S.F. Garanin and V.A.Thomas, collaborators of CRDF project on studying collisionless shock waves

Participants of the conferences held in Los Alamos and Pleasanton, USA.

Setting up the experiment

Workshop in UNR. Participants of the joint research studying the interaction of megagauss magnetic fields with metal surfaces

Getting familiar with Zebra Facility in UNR

Russian and American scientists visit the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos

A trip to the Colorado mountains

VNIIEF delegation accepts a 200-page “Peace and Friendship” book from Los Alamos students (1993)


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