Lab-to-Lab: US-Russian Lab-to-Lab Collaboration Story [Archived]

Electronic Archive of the US-Russian nuclear and scientific cooperation

Large group photo taken outside on a sunny day

Russian and international participants of the Zababakhin Scientific Conference in Snezhinsk, 2014 – Scientists need to talk to each other!The lab-to-lab programs involved thousands of scientists and engineers from the USA and Russia in the 1990s and 2000s.

The stories, photos and personal accounts that comprise the two volumes of the “Dooomed to Cooperate” book are just a fraction of a far greater pool of materials related to the history of the cooperation. We seek to make some of them available on this web site to capture more of the spirit and substance of the lab-to-lab relationship and its precursors.

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Russian-American science contacts beyond Lab-to-lab

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