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These photos document the not so publici but truly historic series of events. Delegations of the Russian nuclear weapons institutes – Director Vladimir Belugin and Alexander Pavlovsky from VNIIEF and Director Vladimir Nechai and Boris Litvinov from VNIITF visited Lawrence Livermore National laboratory on February 10–11 and the Los Alamos National laboratory on February 12–14, 1992.

Barely two weeks later, Director Nuckolls, George Miller, and Chuck McDonald from Livermore and Sig Hecker, John Immele, and John Shaner from Los Alamos paid a return visit to VNIIEF in Sarov on February 23–26 and 29; and VNIITF in Snezhinsk on February 27–28.

Agenda of the Russian Lab Directors visit to LLNL

Agenda of the Russian Lab Directors visit to LANL

Denny Erickson hosts the welcome dinner for the Russian Lab directors. Seated from L to R: Vladimir Belugin (VNIIEF); interpreter; Vladimir Nechai (VNIITF), Alexander Pavlovsly (VNIIEF), Max Fowler (LANL). Standing: Denny Erickson and late-arriving Deputy Director Jim Jackson (LANL). Photo by Paul White

Denny Erickson and Deputy Director Jim Jackson (LANL) address guests at the welcome dinner for Russian Lab Directors who just arrived at Los Alamos. 12 Feb., 1992. Photo by Paul White

LANL hosts Russian lab directors. 12 February 1992. Seated left to right: Alexander Pavlovsky, VNIIEF, Jim Jackson, LANL, Vladimir Belugin, VNIIEF, Sig Hecker, LANL, Vladimir Nechai, VNIITF, Boris Litvinov, VNIITF. Official LANL photo.

Russian delegation in LLNL. February 9-11, 1992. From left to right: McDonald, Pavlovsky, Belugin, Nuckolls, Nechai, Litvinov

Russian delegation in LLNL. February 9-11, 1992.

Russian delegation in LLNL. February 9-11, 1992.

US lab delegations arrive in Sarov.

VNIIEF’s Belugin (left) and Khariton (second right) with Hecker (second left) and Nuckolls (right) in the front row.

Sarov Lab Director’s tour of 1992

On the left, in white sweater, academician Alexander Pavlovsky, next academician Yuly Khariton, VNIIEF’s scientific director, Interpreter, director Vladimir Belugin, and on the far end, Rady Ilkaev. Facing them John Immele and Sig Hecker, LANL, John Nuckolls and Charles McDonald, LLNL, and John Shaner, LANL. Only partially visible at the far end is academician Yuri Romanov, VNIIEF.

Yuri Trutnev of VNIIEF presents Sig Hecker, LANL director, a memento that had a profile of Khariton on one side and that of Oppenheimer on the other at the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Los Alamos laboratory.

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