Philipp Bleek Articles

Dr. Philipp Bleek and Dr. Chen Kane

Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) – Lessons Learned

On November 9-10, 2015, CNS and the Lugar Center held a workshop that was part of a project supported by DTRA.

Iran Deal Buys Time: John Kerry and Wendy Sherman

Iran Deal Buys Time: Now America’s Real Work Begins

The Iran deal is merely a first step toward a long-term process of managing the nuclear risks it poses.

Nuclear Fuel Bank of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Fuel Bank: A New Nonproliferation Tool

A former Soviet facility that once produced fuel for nuclear submarines now has the chance to play a key role in reducing the spread of nuclear weapons.

Biotechnology E-commerce

OP#21: Biotechnology E-commerce: A Disruptive Challenge to Biological Arms Control

Occasional Paper #21: Researchers find biotechnology e-commerce has significantly disrupted the effectiveness of export controls.

iran nuclear agreement

The Iran Nuclear Agreement

Seminar on the Iran Nuclear Joint Plan of Action featuring CNS experts.