US-Soviet Cooperation for Nonproliferation: Several Case Studies with Implications for Today

April 11, 2017
The video seminar took place on April 4, 2017, at CNS of MIIS in Monterey.

US-Soviet/Russian Cooperation on Nuclear Safeguards

Speaker Nikolai Sokov: has been a senior fellow at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies since 1996. Prior to joining the Center, he worked at the Soviet, then Russian, Foreign Ministry dealing with international security and arms control issues.

US-Soviet/Russian Cooperation on Nonproliferation: The South African Case

Speaker Sarah Bidgood: is a research associate at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. She holds a master’s degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

US-Russian Dialogue on the Iranian Nuclear Program

Speaker Adlan Margoev: is a consultant at PIR Center, a Moscow-based think-tank. He is also a master’s degree candidate in the Dual Degree in Nonproliferation Studies program launched by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) and Moscow State Institute of International Relations University (MGIMO) in Russia.

Q&A Session

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