US-Japan Non-Governmental Cooperation on International Arms Control and Nonproliferation

Lawrence Scheinman
July 18, 2008

US-Japan Commission on Arms Control, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Verification

On March 8, 2000, the US and Japan established the Commission to conduct official discussions on a regular basis. In the Commission’s founding statement, the two governments encouraged “non-governmental experts in both countries to undertake enhanced collaboration efforts in pursuit of the Commission’s important goals.”

The project’s objectives:

  • Conduct dialogue among US and Japan experts and government officials
  • Establish regular consultation between US and Japan on arms control, nonproliferation and overall security

The Commission aims to contribute new approaches to policy problems not only by consciously freeing itself from the constraints frequently encountered by governments, but also by involving functional and regional specialists.

CNS will serve as the formal US host. Dr. Lawrence Scheinman, assisted by a senior advisory board, chairs this project. Other staff members included senior research associate and project manager Katsu Furukawa and research associate Kristin Thompson.

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