Summits Made Some Headway on Security

December 1, 2016
Miles Pomper

This is an excerpt that originally appeared in Arms Control Today

Nuclear Security Summit 2016

Nuclear Security Summit, Source: European External Action Service via Flickr

When Russian troops intervened in Crimea in 2014 and sparked a crisis over Ukraine, global tensions piked. Thanks to the nuclear security summit process initiated by President Barack Obama, there was at least one worry that no longer troubled White House officials: the presence of highly enriched uranium (HEU) in Ukraine that might have given leaders in Kiev a nuclear weapons option.


The Ukraine case offers a vivid example of the gains of the [Nuclear Security] Summits, the venue for the president’s most significant nuclear materials control accomplishments and an outgrowth of his 2009 Prague speech putting forward nonproliferation goals that included organizing international efforts to secure vulnerable nuclear material.

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