Senior Diplomats Visit CNS

March 2, 2020

Slides, Ambassadors, and CNS Director William Potter

CNS Director William Potter introducing the presentation.

His Excellency Erzhan Kazykhanov, Ambassador to the United States from Kazakhstan, visited CNS on February 22–24, 2020, along with two other Kazakh diplomats. During the visit, Ambasador Kazykhanov, CNS Director Bill Potter, and MIIS Academic Vice President Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson, among others, discussed a variety of possible new areas of cooperation with respect to nonproliferation education and training.

Potter and Kazykhanov shaking hands with award

CNS Director William Potter and His Excellency Erzhan Kazykhanov, Ambassador to the US from Kazakhstan.

Ambassador Kazykhanov—whose long and distinguished diplomatic career includes serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs (2011–12)—also teamed with former US Assistant Secretary of Defense Andrew Weber to present a CNS seminar on Kazakhstan’s important role in nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. Mr. Weber had served at the US Embassy in Kazakhstan shortly after it was established, and played a key role in the removal of a large quantity of weapons-usable material from Kazakhstan during an operation known as Project Sapphire.

CNS maintained a branch office in Kazakhstan for many years, and it looks forward to building upon the very strong foundation it has established in the region.

Diplomats talking

The Honorable Andy Weber with Nigerian Visiting Fellow Professor Rabia Said.

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