Russian Ambassador Visits Middlebury Institute, Speaks to Students

November 13, 2018

Video Seminar: Took place on October 12, 2018, at CNS of MIIS in Monterey

Seminar with Dr. Anatoly Antonov
Russian Ambassador to the United States

With relations between the United States and Russia currently in dire straits, high-level interaction between Russian and American officials—a regular occurrence even at the height of the Cold War—has all but halted.

For the participating students, the meetings represented a singular opportunity to engage in a lively discussion with a very senior Russian government official about pressing international issues. A number of them noted that the resulting exchange of views helped them better understand the nature of U.S. and Russian disagreement in the areas of nonproliferation and arms control. This understanding will help prepare them to join the ranks of other Institute alumni working as diplomats, analysts, and policymakers around the world.



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