New Mobile-Friendly Tutorial on Nuclear & Radiological Security

February 12, 2015

About the Tutorial

Radiological and Nuclear Security Tutorial

The mobile-friendly online resource features fresh, interactive learning tools—from motion graphics to dynamic maps—to bring students, young professionals and media up to speed on the risks posed by nuclear and radiological terrorism. The nuclear security tutorial was developed by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) and the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI).


The tutorial adds to a growing library which now covers three topics:

  • The Nonproliferation Regimea broad international framework of agreements and organizations aimed at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and contributing to arms control and disarmament progress.
  • The Nonproliferation Treatythe cornerstone of the international nuclear nonproliferation regime.
  • Nuclear and Radiological Security: efforts to ensure nuclear and other radioactive materials are secure from unauthorized access and theft, and that nuclear facilities are secure from sabotage.

Upcoming topics will cover the nuclear fuel cycle, the nuclear budget, delivery systems and biological and chemical weapons.

Interactive Features

  • Motion graphic video: uses three true incidents to illustrate the threat of nuclear terrorism and the importance of securing all nuclear materials worldwide to prevent it.
  • An interactive “pathways to the bomb” tool: details how a terrorist might buy, build or steal a nuclear weapon.
  • Story map: illustrates the global nature of illicit trafficking in nuclear and radiological materials and uses historical and modern-day cases of smuggling in each corner of the world.

Tools for Educators

Like the other NTI tutorials, visitors can test their knowledge at the end of each tutorial. Educators can integrate the tutorial into their lesson plans and ask students to present a certificate of completion after taking the quiz.

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