Punish Assad with Law, Not Lawlessness

Obama addresses the Syrian situation WhiteHouse.gov

Obama addresses the Syrian situation, WhiteHouse.gov

Fred Wehling
September 10, 2013

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The perpetrators of the chemical weapons attacks against the people of Syria should be called to account for crimes against humanity. However, if the United States responds unilaterally with military attacks against Syria, the Obama administration will have appointed itself not only the world’s policeman, but also its judge, jury, and executioner.

Instead, the U.S. should develop a multi-pronged strategy including arms and energy trade sanctions, asset seizures, international criminal indictments, and arms, training, and intelligence support for Syria’s non-Islamist rebel groups. While Russia and Iran would throw up obstacles to this multilateral approach, working with the European Union and the Arab League would create a formidable coalition to punish the chemical criminals in the Assad regime.

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