Nuclear Program Terminology

Michael Barletta
Christina Ellington
March 1999

AEB Atomic Energy Board
AEC Atomic Energy Corporation
ANC African National Congress
Armscor Armaments Corporation
AVLIS atomic vapor laser isotope separation
CNC computer numerically controlled
CNS Council for Nuclear Safety
CTBT Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
DASCT Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology
Eskom Electricity Supply Commission
HEU highly enriched uranium
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
ILW intermediate-level waste
LEU low-enriched uranium
LLW low-level waste
MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MLIS molecular laser isotope separation
Mo99 molybdenum99
MTR material test reactor
MWe megawatt-electric
NNWS non-nuclear-weapon state
NPT Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
NSG Nuclear Suppliers Group
Nufcor Nuclear Fuels Corporation
NWFZ nuclear-weapon-free zone
NWS nuclear-weapon state
PDS Pacific Development Services
PIV physical inventory verification
PNE peaceful nuclear explosion
PWR pressurized water reactor
R Rand
RERTR Reduced Enrichment in Research and Test Reactors
SAAF South African Air Force
SADF South African Defence Force
SWU separative work unit
U308 uranium238 or yellowcake
UCOR Uranium Enrichment Corporation
UF6 uranium hexafluoride
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