The Nonproliferation Year in Review – A Guided Tour

Jon Wolfsthal
December 13, 2013

Nonproliferation Year in Review

2013 was a challenging year for addressing the risk posed by weapons of mass destruction. CNS staff covered and influenced the debate on many of the key nonproliferation issues, from North Korea, to Syria, to multiple diplomatic areas.

Key developments this year:

  1. North Korea’s 3rd nuclear test
  2. Syria’s use of chemical weapons
  3. Agreement between Iran and UN Security Council members to restrict Iran’s nuclear activities for a six month period
  4. The theft of a radioactive source and its recovery in Mexico City

CNS and its partners will continue to work in 2014 to address the many challenges posed by the spread of WMD and to promote sound efforts to reduce the demand and availability of these unconventional weapons.

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