New CNS DC website focused on trade compliance and guidance for emerging technology sectors

September 12, 2022
Sophia Poteet

Sectoral Guidance website image

CNS’s office in Washington, DC has launched a new website focused on export control compliance topics. CNS in DC is undertaking research into export controls for emerging technology controls, particularly in the context of strategic competition. As part of that research, the DC office has developed guidance for several emerging technology sectors on how best to ensure compliance with export controls and nonproliferation aims more broadly. A central purpose of the website therefore is to distill the sectoral guidance generated through this research.

The guidance includes more than 30 case studies related to technology transfers involving Russia and China. The website also presents introductory materials on trade controls including export controls, proliferation finance controls, and sanctions. This website will serve as a central hub for information on CNS’s research on trade controls and emerging technology proliferation. It will continue to evolve and be updated to reflect additional materials as they are produced.

The sectoral guidance on export controls in an era of strategic competition includes the following sections:

  • Strategic Competition
  • Trends in Technology Acquisition
  • Sectoral Analysis (a synthesis sectoral mapping effort on specific industries)
  • Red Flags
  • Compliance Guidance
  • Case Studies

In addition to these core sections, the website features additional resources and topics such as suggestions for additions to Internal Compliance Program (ICP) guidance, use of distributors, and techniques for due diligence research. The introductory material currently includes the following:

  • Introduction to Export Controls
  • Trade Compliance in Universities and Research Institutes
  • Proliferation Finance

As CNS continues research on these topics, the website will be updated. Some upcoming content that will be added to the website includes the following:

  • Video content for specific sections and case studies in the sectoral guidance
  • An overview of trade control measures related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • CNS analysis of Russia’s defense supply chains
  • Machine tools and Additive Manufacturing sectoral analysis sections The website can be accessed at You can also subscribe to the CNS DC newsletter by updating your preferences in this signup form or by following CNS DC on Twitter.
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