MIIS-NPT Review 2000 Simulation

August 25, 2010

Taught by Professor William Potter with assistance from Tariq Rauf, Amin Tarzi, Oleg Grinevsky, Nikolai Sokov and Clay Bowen.

Course Description

2000 Simulation

As part of the Monterey Institute’s certificate program in Non-proliferation Studies, students participated in a semester-long simulation of the NPT Review Conference. Lectures to the class were given by Dr. Potter, Dr. Rauf, with guest lectures by Dr. Lawrence Scheinman and Amb. George Bunn. Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy also visited the class. Students were first required to research and produce a position paper for their respective countries. The Conference opened on March 6.

33 students from 10 different countries (China, Czech Republic, Georgia, India, Japan, Norway, Rep. of Korea, Russian Fed., Ukraine, USA) have taken on the roles of 14 key parties to the Treaty.

“States” Represented

Algeria, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, Islamic Republic of Iran, Ireland, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russian Federation, South Africa, United States

Main Committee Reports (adopted by consensus on 19 April 2000)

  • Main Committee 1 reviewed Articles II (Non-proliferation), VI (Nuclear Disarmament) and Universality
  • Main Committee 2 reviewed Articles III (Safeguards), IV (Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy), VII (NWFZs) and the Resolution on the Middle East
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