Map of South Africa’s Primary Nuclear-Related Sites

Michael Barletta
Christina Ellington
March 1999

South Africa Map of Nuclear Facilities

Map of Primary Nuclear-related Sites in South Africa


Eskom site housing Koeberg-1 and -2, two 920MWe nuclear power reactors.


AEC site housing Safari-1 research reactor, a hot cell complex, a waste disposal site, and conversion and fuel fabrication facilities.

Pelindaba East (Valindaba)

Site of AEC pilot-scale uranium enrichment facility, or Y-plant, closed in 1990.


Site of two nuclear explosive test shafts built in the 1970s, filled with concrete in 1993.

Circle Facilities (Advena)

Former Armscor facility used in the 1980s-early 1990s for design, manufacture, and storage of nuclear weapons.

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