Leading WMD Experts Named CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholars

December 10, 2015

CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholars Ambassador Robert Mikulak

Ambassador Robert Mikulak, CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Washington, DC office (Source: OPCW)

CNS is pleased to announce that Ambassador Robert Mikulak has become a CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholar, based at our Washington, DC, office. Ambassador Mikulak has recently retired from the Department of State, after a long career in government focused on preventing the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons and promoting the elimination of existing stockpiles.

CNS is additionally pleased to announce that Carlton Stoiber, a recognized expert and consultant in nuclear law and policy with over thirty-five years of experience in the field, has also been appointed a Distinguished Visiting Scholar, to be based out of the Washington, DC office. Mr. Stoiber currently serves as a legal consultant with international organizations, national governments and private companies.

From November 2010 to July 2015, Ambassador Mikulak served as the United States Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), having served as the deputy US negotiator during the decade-long negotiation of the 1992 Chemical Weapons Convention. In 2014, Ambassador Mikulak received the Secretary of State’s Award for Excellence in International Security Affairs and the Office of the Secretary of Defense Award for Exceptional Civilian Service in 2015. He also received the Hilliard Roderick Prize in Arms Control from the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1992 and an honorary doctorate from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota in 2001.

Mr. Stoiber served as director of three separate offices within the US Department of State: Nuclear Non-proliferation Policy; Nuclear Safeguards and Technology; and Nuclear Export and Import Control. At the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, he served as Deputy General Counsel for International and Legislative Affairs and as Director of International Programs. As Counselor for Nuclear Policy at the U.S. Mission in Vienna, Austria, he had primary responsibility for relations with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and played a leading role in the drafting of major legal instruments, including the Convention on Nuclear Safety and Joint Convention on Spent Fuel and Nuclear Waste Management.

In welcoming these two CNS distinguished visiting scholars to the CNS family, Dr. William C. Potter, Director of the James Martin Center, declared, “Our ability to address the evolving challenges posed by biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons will be greatly strengthened.”

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