Laura Rockwood on Donald Trump, Proliferation of Fissile Material and Global Players in Nuclear Politics

April 11, 2016

Laura Rockwood ABC Australia PhotoExecutive Director of Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Laura Rockwood is making headlines this April about a number of issues surrounding global nuclear policy.

The Nuclear Summit

First this month was an interview by ABC Australia in which Rockwood covers the disturbing commonality of proliferation of fissile materials, as well as current actors in global nuclear policy. Rockwood’s insight on the functionality of nuclear weapons relates to how much fissile material an actor might need to create nuclear weaponry  and the consequences of such acquisition to international politics. In reaction to proposed bipartisan nuclear policy of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, she feels that, “disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe it. These comments are dangerous and irresponsible.”

→ Watch the full interview in English

The Kazakh Role in Nuclear Nonproliferation

Rockwood has also spent time recently in the Kazakh press, with a widely-viewed interview about the Kazakh role in nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. This interview, which covers Kazakhstan’s active and important role in the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons as well as disarmament, brings praise to a comprehensive ban on nuclear tests on Kazakh land.

The full article is also in Kazakh language.

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In Kazakh Language

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