Jon Wolfsthal on Iran Nuclear Negotiations and Timelines

Jon Wolfsthal
June 11, 2014

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Jon Wolfsthal at the Wilson Center speaking on Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Jon Wolfsthal, Source: The Wilson Center

CNS Deputy Director Jon Wolfsthal participated in a panel discussion on Iran and the ongoing nuclear negotiations, chaired by former National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush Stephen Hadley at the Woodrow Wilson Center on June 10, 2014. The event, which also included presentations by Arms Control Association Executive Dircetor Daryl Kimball and Wilson Center Director for International Security Studies Robert Litwak, was organized by the United States Institute for Peace and seven other international non-governmental organizations.

The event was broadcast live and is available on the Wilson Center website. Jon Wolfsthal laid out the potential timelines for a nuclear agreement with Iran, including both the possible duration of an agreement and the all-but-inevitable challenges an agreement will face if it can be adopted by the negotiating parties.  The discussion included an explanation of why it will take several years for Iran to regain the international community’s confidence in its nuclear intent, as well as the risks that allegations of additional secret facilities or the imposition of new sanctions unrelated to the nuclear program could derail any agreement, even after it is put in place.

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