In Remembrance of Ellen Tauscher

May 1, 2019

Ellen Tauscher

Ellen Tauscher

With great sadness, CNS mourns the loss of Ellen Tauscher.

Some of us had known her for nearly two decades, as she mastered the intricacies of nuclear weapons policy, nonproliferation, and arms control during her years in Congress and then went on serve as under secretary of state for Arms Control and International Security Affairs under President Barack Obama. In the latter post, she was instrumental in negotiating the New START treaty, which reduced US and Russian deployed nuclear weapons to the lowest level since the early years of the Cold War.

CNS was honored when she agreed to serve on our International Advisory Council, and we always welcomed her advice and the opportunity to engage with her on the nuclear issues of the moment. Her warmth and enthusiasm made her an especially appreciated friend of the Center, and we will miss her greatly.

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