Here and There, Now and Then

Brodie Anderson’s Poems

Here and There, Now and Then | Winter in Sarov | The Special Thing


Brodie Anderson

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Now once again I travel east,

Will my heart famine or will it feast.

And once again I start to think,

Will I break chains or make new links.

And find the answers to now or then.


Some say that they have lived before,

But pass away, the live some more.

Could I believe in this or not?

Of this I’m cold, and the I’m not.

Most truly I’m unsure at best.


A new place have you ever been?

Yet turned around and though again.

You know this place, been there before,

This is no joke, you do know more.

Than strangers here could ever know.


I know the river bends ahead,

I feel the spring from which it’s fed.

The onion tops, the tall birch trees,

Why do I know these, tell me please.

For I’m a stranger, don’t you know.


I’ve smelled this earth, I’ve touched this ground.

But this is my first time around.

I’ve seen his face, I know her smile.

Just let me stop and think awhile.

How could these things familiar feel.


For I was born in Cajun land,

In Texas grew till tall I stand.

I never travelled far,

Except when dreaming on a star.

But now this mystery holds me.


The pines that grow straight as a stake,

The beaches of Protaska Lake.

I feel I’ve seen these things before,

And that’s not all, there’s even more.

I’ve heard the sounds your choirs make.


I know the black robes of your priest,

Your bread I knew, dark rye and yeast.

But I have never walked these grounds,

Nor tasted the food or heard the sounds.

Yet this all feels at home to me.


The children sledding, yes, I know,

Where I grew up there was no snow.

The grey and black Russian crow,

The way me slam their dominoes.

These should be new, but not to me.


I’m sure there’s thing I’ll never know,

Why babies cry and flowers grow.

But things I know about Sarov,

Before I’m even ever told.

Will someone please shed me some light.


Could I have been here long ago,

Another life, I do not know.

Confused with all except one thing,

When I come here my heart will sing.

And sure at home I know I’ll feel.


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