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December 24, 2020: “Donald Trump Is A Nuclear President—His Legacy Is More Nukes, Fewer Controls,” Jeffrey Lewis in Forbes

December 19, 2020: “Mysterious North Korea site may be building nuclear bomb parts, report says,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

December 18, 2020: “Iran builds at underground nuclear facility amid US tensions,” Jeffrey Lewis in Associated Press

December 18, 2020: “ATOMIC FACTORY: Iran secretly building nuke site after vowing revenge...,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Scottish Sun

December 9, 2020: “Tsar Bomba: The Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon Ever Built,” Nikolai Sokov in How Stuff Works

December 9, 2020: “Satellite Pictures Reveal Iran’s New Secret Underground Nuclear Site,” Jeffrey Lewis in Daily Beast

December 9, 2020: “Iran Is Moving Key Facility at Nuclear Site Underground, Satellite Images Show,” Jeffrey Lewis in New York Times

December 7, 2020: “Giving Away the Bomb,” Jeffrey Lewis in VICE

December 1, 2020: “4 looming foreign policy crises that could derail Biden’s agenda early on,” Sarah Bidgood in Vox

December 1, 2020: “Assassination of Iranian scientist won’t halt Iran’s nuclear program, experts say,” Jeffrey Lewis on NBC News

November 27, 2020: “Assassination of top Iran weapons scientist dims hopes for nuclear diplomacy,” Jeffrey Lewis in Science

November 25, 2020: “A Biden Administration Wants the Iran Nuclear Deal Back. That Could Be Much Harder and Riskier Now,” CNS in CNBC

November 19, 2020: “More clues surface about site thought to be secret North Korean nuclear facility,” Joshua Pollack in NK News

November 18, 2020: “A U.S. Navy Destroyer Just Shot Down An ICBM Target—Expect Trouble in Moscow and Beijing,” Jeffrey Lewis in Forbes

November 18, 2020: “Iran vows ‘quick’ return to nuclear deal if Biden drops sanctions, as it upgrades uranium enrichment,” CNS/MIIS work used by CBS News

November 17, 2020: “The possibility of continuing the provocation pattern is high,” Joshua Pollack in VOA News

November 12, 2020: “Expert roundup: Will North Korea test Biden with an ICBM launch in the new year?” Joshua Pollack in NK News

November 7, 2020: “Dealing with Trump presidency nemesis Iran won’t be ‘quick, easy’ for Biden,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

November 6, 2020: “Does Iran Have a Missile That Could Someday Deliver a Nuclear Weapon?” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

November 3, 2020: “Quoting Trump, Iran’s Khamenei mocks US election: ‘This is American democracy‘,” CNS in Times of Israel

October 31, 2020: “How North Korea’s nuclear weapons advancement has left experts baffled,” Jeffrey Lewis and Dave Schmerler in Financial Times

October 29, 2020: “Trump administration pushes allies to pressure China over its nuclear program,” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

October 28, 2020: “The UN Banned Nuclear Weapons, But the U.S. Isn’t Listening,” Jeffrey Lewis in VICE News

October 28, 2020: “Satellite photos show construction at Iran nuclear site,” Jeffrey Lewis in Associated Press

October 23, 2020: “The US will not provide submarine nuclear fuel to Korea,” Joshua Pollack in Radio Free Asia Korea

October 22, 2020: “New START Extension Positive But Strategic Stability Depends on US Election Outcome,” Miles Pomper and Joshua Pollack in UrduPoint

October 21, 2020: “It Looks Like Russia’s Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Test Program is Back in Business,” Michael Duitsman and Jeffrey Lewis in The Drive

October 20, 2020: “Satellite images indicate Russia is preparing to resume testing its nuclear-powered cruise missile,” Michael Duitsman and Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

October 13, 2020: “North Korea has unveiled new weapons, showing Trump failed to tame its nuclear program,” Jeffrey Lewis in Vox

October 12, 2020: “Threat from nuclear weapons and missiles has grown since Trump entered office,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

October 12, 2020: “North Korea’s ‘monster’ missile sends menacing message to next U.S. president,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

October 11, 2020: “North Korea Unveils ‘Very Destabilizing’ ICBM,” Jeffrey Lewis in Defense One

October 11, 2020: “Analysis: North Korea’s Kim speaks softly, shows off new military might,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

October 10, 2020: “North Korea Rolls Out A Monster-Size ICBM—One That Could Scatter Nukes on U.S. Cities,” Jeffrey Lewis in Forbes

October 8, 2020: “North Korea prepares for military parade despite coronavirus concern; Kim may speak,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

October 8, 2020: “North Korea’s October 10 Military Parade: What 12 Experts Think We Will See,” Joshua Pollack in the National Interest

October 5, 2020: “Pentagon plays down launch of ‘armageddon’ plans,” Jeffrey Lewis in Asia Times

October 2, 2020: “America Must Come to Terms with North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons,” Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest

October 1, 2020: “North Korea Showing Favoritism to Trump by Delaying Tests of Growing Nuclear Arsenal,” Jeffrey Lewis in Sputnik News

September 30, 2020: “As Kim wooed Trump with ‘love letters,’ he kept building his nuclear capability, intelligence shows,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

September 29, 2020: “White House wants to know how fast nukes could be pulled out of storage, report says,” Joshua Pollack in Japan Times

September 22, 2020: “North Korea renovates key missile launcher factory ahead of big military parade,” Dave Schmerler and Jeffrey Lewis in NK News Pro

September 21, 2020: “US sanctions two Iranian officials for North Korea missile cooperation,” Joshua Pollack in NK News

September 18, 2020: “The US military’s heat weapon is real and painful. Here’s what it does.,” Philipp Bleek in Popular Science

September 17, 2020: “Missile launch or storm repairs? Flurry of activity fuels speculation of North Korea test,” Dave Schmerler in Reuters

September 17, 2020: “Revealed: Saudi Arabia may have enough uranium ore to produce nuclear fuel,” Ian J. Stewart in The Guardian

September 15, 2020: “North Korea may parade more than a dozen new heavy missile launchers on Oct. 10,” Joshua Pollack in NK News

September 11, 2020: “What Is the Secret Nuclear Weapons System Trump Is Blabbering About?” Jeffrey Lewis in VICE

September 7, 2020: “As Iran Allows the UN Access to Suspected Nuclear Sites, Its Uranium Stockpile Is Growing,” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in PassBlue

September 2, 2020: “China may double its nuclear arsenal in just 10 years. Don’t panic.,” Jeffrey Lewis in Vox

August 27, 2020: “China’s Missiles Warn U.S. Aircraft Carriers to Stay Away,” Jeffrey Lewis in Bloomberg News

August 20, 2020: “Iran Unveils New Missiles, Improving Its Reach at Sea and to Israel,” Fabian Hinz in the Wall Street Journal

August 19, 2020: “Health and Denuclearization,” Masako Toki on Voice of Islam Radio

August 19, 2020: “US tells Russia that China has secret and rapidly expanding nuclear warhead arsenal,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Independent

August 13, 2020: “Saudi Arabia Expands Its Nuclear Program,” Ian J. Stewart in The Trumpet

August 11, 2020: “Paint thinner and other flammable material may have ignited devastating Beirut explosion,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

August 9, 2020: “The Beirut Explosion. Here’s What We Know,” Jeffrey Lewis in

August 5, 2020: “Threat of Atomic Weapons Grows as U.S., Russia and China Renew Arms Race,” Nikolai Sokov in Der Spiegel

August 7, 2020: “Why the Beirut blast created a mushroom cloud,” Jeffrey Lewis in Popular Science

August 6, 2020: “Ending the Nuclear Era?” Miles Pomper on TRT World

August 6, 2020: “Hiroshima, Nagasaki Survivors Recall Dreadful A-Bombings on 75th Anniversary of Attacks,” Masako Toki in Sputnik News

August 6, 2020: “Beirut or Hiroshima: How Big Were the Beirut Blasts in Comparison to Hiroshima Nuclear Blasts of 1945?” Jeffrey Lewis in the EurAsian Times

August 5, 2020: “Conspiracy Theorists Adamantly Insist Beirut Explosion Was a Nuke (It Wasn’t),” Jeffrey Lewis in VICE

August 5, 2020: “The deadly explosion that devastated Beirut appears to have been far more powerful than the ‘Mother of All Bombs’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

August 5, 2020: “What the videos of the Beirut blast tell us about the explosion,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

August 4, 2020: “Saudi Arabia, With China’s Help, Expands Its Nuclear Programs,” Ian J. Stewart in Wall Street Journal

August 3, 2020: “‘The end of arms control as we know it,’” Sarah Bidgood in Vox

July 29, 2020: “Trump Says Nuclear Proliferation Is Scarier Than Climate Change. He’s Failing at Both,” Miles Pomper in Mother Jones

July 29, 2020: “Iran Launched Its First Military Satellite,” Fabian Hinz in

July 28, 2020: “How Covid-19 Could Give Kim Jong Un a Doomsday Weapon,” Joshua Pollack in Politico

July 28, 2020: “Plea for Russian sanity: Abandon the ‘Flying Chernobyl’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Asia Times

July 27, 2020: “House defense spending bill up next,” Ian Stewart in Politico

July 26, 2020: “Congress is actually debating new nukes testing amid a devastating pandemic,” Sarah Bidgood in Responsible Statecraft

July 24, 2020: “Равная свобода: эксперт рассказал о главном принципе Договора по открытому небу [Equal freedom: the experts speak about the main principle of the Open Skies Treaty],” Miles Pomper in Zvezda

July 20, 2020: “How Twitter Could Start a Nuclear War,” Jeffrey Lewis in VICE Motherboard

July 19, 2020: “Will North Korea’s Kim deliver an ‘October surprise’ to Trump?,” Joshua Pollack in Japan Times

July 19, 2020: “Pundits: US Uncompromising Stance on Open Skies Treaty May Result in Europe Losing Patience One Day,” Noah Mayhew in Sputnik News

July 14, 2020: “Editorial: Face reality,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Korea Herald

July 14, 2020: “The Future of Nuclear Arms Control: Time to Change Course,” Angela Kane and Noah Mayhew in PassBlue

July 10, 2020: “Sinister photo reveals details of North Korea’s nuclear plan,” Jeffrey Lewis in Yahoo! News

July 10, 2020: “Major Explosion Rocks Iran Again, the 3rd Blast in 3 Weeks,” Fabian Hinz in New York Times

July 9, 2020: “Satellite Images Reveal Damage At Iranian Nuclear Facility,” Fabian Hinz on NPR

July 8, 2020: “New satellite imagery shows activity at suspected North Korean nuclear facility,” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

July 8, 2020: “UN Chief Warns of Deadly Germs as Potential Bioterrorist Weapons,” John Hart in IPS News Agency

July 8, 2020: “Trump’s Nuclear Test Would Risk Everything to Gain Nothing,” Jeffrey Lewis in War on the Rocks

July 7, 2020: “Yet another blast reportedly damages factory in Iran, latest in series of blasts,” CNS in Times of Israel

July 7, 2020: “REPORT: Some Experts Say Explosion At Iranian Nuclear Plant Was An Attack,” Jeffrey Lewis in Daily Caller

July 7, 2020: “Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped by a Middle East Propaganda Campaign,” Sam Meyer in the Daily Beast

July 6, 2020: “Signs increasingly point to sabotage in fiery explosion at Iranian nuclear complex,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

July 4, 2020: “EU says Iran has triggered nuclear deal dispute mechanism,” CNS in Associated Press

July 2, 2020: “Fire at Iranian nuclear site hit centrifuge production facility, U.S. analysts say,” Fabian Hinz in CBC

June 29, 2020: “American, Israeli Officials Deny Sabotage of Iranian Missile Site, Report Says,” Fabian Hinz in Ha’aretz

June 29, 2020: “After Iranian Missile Facility Blows Up, Conspiracy Theories Abound in Tehran,” Fabian Hinz in the New York Times

June 27, 2020: “Satellite image: Iran blast was near suspected missile site,” Fabian Hinz in Associated Press

June 26, 2020: “US Insists on Trilateralizing Arms Talks With Russia To Justify ‘Killing’ New START Treaty,” Miles Pomper and Joshua Pollack in Urdu Point

June 25, 2020: “Huge Explosion Near Iran’s Chief Military Base Shakes Residents,” Fabian Hinz in New York Times

June 24, 2020: “North Korea’s Kim backtracks on military threat, but more surprises likely in store,” Joshua Pollack in Japan Times

June 22, 2020: “Den sidste store atomaftale fra den kolde krig løber snart ud [The last big nuclear deal from the Cold War is expiring],” Miles Pomper in Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten

June 20, 2020: “China build-up and river ‘damming’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

June 19, 2020: “China and India send more troops to disputed border region amid clashes,” Jeffrey Lewis in New York Post

June 19, 2020: “China, India reinforcing border positions, satellite images show,” Jeffrey Lewis in South China Morning Post

June 19, 2020: “New tensions dim hopes for salvaging Iran nuclear deal,” Jeffrey Lewis in Science

June 17, 2020: “North Korea Army ‘Fully Ready’ Amid Threat to Redeploy Troops at Border,” Joshua Pollack in Newsweek

June 10, 2020: “Understanding threat assessments in Russia,” Sarah Bidgood on Government Matters

June 9, 2020: “North Korea severs hotlines in message to South— and U.S.,” CNS/NTI database cited in Japan Times

June 8, 2020: “The IAEA Voices ‘Serious Concern’ Over Blocked Access to Certain Iranian Sites,” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in PassBlue

May 29, 2020: “U.S. move imperils effort to reduce weapons risk from Iranian reactor,” Jeffrey Lewis in Science

May 23, 2o2o: “The Real Reason U.S. Patriot Missile Defense Batteries Are Leaving Saudi Arabia,” CNS/NTI data cited in National Interest

May 23, 2020: “US Unlikely To Rejoin Open Skies Treaty, JCPOA Story To Repeat – Ex-UN Disarmament Chief,” Angela Kane in Urdu Point

May 23, 2020: “US Withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty Irks NATO Allies, Casts Doubt on New START,” Miles Pomper, Joshua Pollack, and Nikolai Sokov in Sputnik News

May 19, 2020: “As the US Slams the WHO, It Is Giving Millions to Another UN Agency to Fight Covid-19,” Angela Kane and Ingrid Kirsten in PassBlue

May 18, 2020: “A report circulating in Congress, which claims that China covered up a virus leak from a Wuhan lab, has been debunked,” Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

May 18, 2020: “COVID-19 has shown U.S., U.K. are vulnerable to biological terrorism, experts say,” Richard Pilch in NBC News

May 18, 2020: “Busted: Pentagon Contractors’ Report on ‘Wuhan Lab’ Origins of Virus is Bogus,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Daily Beast

May 11, 2020: “Kim’s Reappearance in North Korea Reignites Nuclear and Missile Fears,” Margaret Croy in World Politics Review and Business Insider

May 7, 2020: “Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next,” Jeffrey Lewis in Politico

May 6, 2020: “As Trump Pushes Theory of Virus Origins, Some See Parallels to Iraq,” Jeffrey Lewis in NPR

May 5, 2020: “North Korea’s New Fertilizer Plant Seen As Linked To Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Program,” Margaret Croy in Forbes

May 4, 2020: “Trump Says He’s ‘Glad to See’ Kim Jong Un ‘Back’,” CNS report by Margaret Croy cited in the Hilltop Monitor

May 3, 2020: “Kim Jong Un is back: Fertilizer factory North Korea leader inaugurated also makes nuclear warheads!,” Margaret Croy in International Business Times

May 3, 2020: “高招!金正恩完美復出 向世界證明一件事,” CNS report by Margaret Croy cited in China Times

May 2, 2020: “Trump hails Kim reappearance, but North Korea denuclearization prospects bleak,” CNS report by Margaret Croy in Reuters

May 2, 2020: “Kim Jong Un Reminds World of Nuclear Threat at Fertilizer Plant,” Margaret Croy in Bloomberg News

May 2, 2020: “The subtle and not-so-subtle of Kim’s return,” CNS report by Margaret Croy cited in Reuters video

May 2, 2020: “Kim Jong Un Photos Hold Few Clues to Mysterious 20-Day Absence,” Jeffrey Lewis in Bloomberg News

May 2, 2020: “After rumours about health, North Korea media report Kim Jong Un appearance,” CNS report by Margaret Croy cited in Reuters

May 2, 2020: “North Korea’s Kim Jong-un appears at fertilizer plant after long absence,” CNS report by Margaret Croy in Reuters

May 1, 2020: “Kim Jong Un Has Suddenly Reappeared–at a Fertilizer Factory,” Margaret Croy in VICE News

May 1, 2020: “Iran Satellite Launch Reveals Gains in Missile Program,” Fabian Hinz in the Wall Street Journal

April 29, 2020: “The pieces of the puzzle of covid-19’s origin are coming to light,” Richard Pilch in The Economist

April 28, 2020: “Iran satellite launch ‘sends a message’ on failed US pressure,” Fabian Hinz in Al Jazeera

April 27, 2020: “Moscow-Washington Tensions to Further Escalate if US Quits Open Skies Treaty,” Joshua Pollack and Nikolai Sokov in Sputnik News

April 23, 2020: “The havoc wrought by covid-19 will spark new concern over bio-weapons,” Richard Pilch in The Economist

April 23, 2020: “Uganda and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un health fears: focus on future relationship,”  Shea Cotton in The Africa Report

April 22, 2020: “Iran’s Guard says it launched satellite amid US tensions,” Fabian Hinz in Associated Press

April 22, 2020: “Did Iran nuke delivery capability just leap forward? – analysis,” Jeffrey Lewis and Dave Schmerler in the Jerusalem Post

April 22, 2020: “Iran Says It Launched a military Satellite Into Orbit,” Fabian Hinz in Associated Press (via New York Times)

April 16, 2020: “China may have conducted low-level nuclear test, US claims,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Guardian

April 15, 2020: “Coronavirus Has Hit the U.S. Military, and America’s Adversaries Are Seeking Advantage,” Jeffrey Lewis in Time

April 15, 2020: “North Korea Tests Missiles Before South Korean Elections and Kim Il-sung’s Birthday,” Shea Cotton in the National Interest

April 14, 2020: “How nuclear forces worldwide are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic,” CNS Occasional Paper cited in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

April 14, 2020: “North Korea Test Fires Multiple ‘short-range Cruise Missiles’,” Shea Cotton in Republic World

April 8, 2020: “North Korea, Possibility to Extract Uranium from Phosphate Fertilizer Plant, Low cost and easy concealment,” Margaret Croy in Voice of America (Korea)

April 8, 2020: “North Korea Will Continue Reprocessing  Uranium for Nuclear Weapons,” Margaret Croy in Radio Free Asia

April 8, 2020: “Looks Like North Korea’s Getting Ready for Major Missile Tests,” Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest

April 7, 2020: “North Korea phosphate fertilizer factory has possibility to extract uranium,” Margaret Croy in Voice of America broadcast (Korean)

April 7, 2020: “North Korea Could Be Using Fertilizer Plants to Make More Nuclear Material, Report Shows,” Margaret Croy in Newsweek

April 1, 2020: “Il Coronavirus e la minaccia mondiale del bioterrorismo,” Richard Pilch in Il Mattino

March 31, 2020: “North Korea doctored latest rocket test pictures: Report,” Jeffrey Lewis in Straits Times

March 30, 2020: “How to Keep the New Coronavirus from Being Used as a Terrorist Weapon,” Richard Pilch in Homeland Security NewsWire

March 28, 2020: “North Korea Fires More Missiles Than Ever Amid Coronavirus Outbreak,” Shea Cotton in Reuters (via New York Times)

March 22, 2020: “The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Like Nuclear War, Expert Says,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

March 16, 2020, “The D-Brief,” Fabian Hinz in Defense One

March 16, 2020: “As The War On Terror Winds Down, The Pentagon Cuts Social Science,” Joshua Pollack on NPR

March 12, 2020: “Coronavirus burial pits so vast they’re visible from space,” Fabian Hinz in Washington Post

March 11, 2020: “Monterey scholar advocates for women in arms control,” Sarah Bidgood in Monterey Herald

March 6, 2020: “North Korean media turns to photoshop in bid to promote face mask use,” Sam Meyer in NK News

March 1, 2020: “North Korea fires two ‘short-range ballistic missiles,’ South Korea says,” Joshua Pollack in NK News

March 1, 2020: “U.S targets North Korea hacking as nuclear talks sputter,” Joshua Pollack in Washington Times

February 27, 2020: “[One Year of US-North Korea Summit in Hanoi],” Joshua Pollack in Voice of America [Korea]

February 20, 2020: “Will low-yield nuclear warheads make war more likely?” Jeffrey Lewis in the Austin Daily Herald

February 17, 2020: “This Is Iran’s Deadliest Missile (And It Could Someday Carry a Nuclear Weapon),” Fabian Hinz and Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest

February 17, 2019: “What’s next? Where North Korea’s missile testing goes from here,” Joshua Pollack in NK News

February 14, 2020: “Experts: U.S. Shifts Focus Away from North Korea,” Joshua Pollack in Voice of America

February 11, 2019: “Why Iran’s satellite launch failure still threatens Israel, US – analysis,” Dave Schmerler and Jeffrey Lewis in Jerusalem Post

February 9, 2020: “Iran tried and failed for the fourth time in a row to put a satellite into orbit,” Dave Schmerler in Business Insider

February 6, 2020: “Iranian Minister Tried to Pass off a $20 Halloween Costume As a Real Spacesuit,” Fabian Hinz in The Drive

February 4, 2020: “Satellite Imagery Service Used by Human Rights Investigators Abruptly Shuts Down,” Fabian Hinz in VICE

February 3, 2020: “The Method (or Madness) of Counting the Seconds to Doomsday,” Miles Pomper on War on the Rocks podcast

February 1, 2020: “Staving off ‘doomsday’: As America barks and Europe drifts, Iran’s nuclear programme and belligerence grow,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Independent

January 28, 2020: “Iran preparing another satellite launch attempt after recent failures, images indicate,” CNS imagery analysis in Washington Examiner

January 28, 2020: “Iran Preparing For U.S.-Criticized Satellite Launch,” Jeffrey Lewis on Radio Free Europe

January 27, 2020: “Imagery Suggests Iran Is Preparing To Try To Launch A Satellite,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

January 24, 2020: “A North Korean Nuclear Strike Could End The World As We Know It,” Joshua Pollack in The National Interest

January 23, 2020: “Scientists Think We’re Closer to the End of the World Than Ever,” Jeffrey Lewis in Vice

January 23, 2020: “In the age of memes, how are young people getting their news?” Jamie Withorne in PBS Newshour

January 21, 2020: “Iran Confirms Russian-Made Missiles Downed Ukraine Plane,” Michael Duitsman in the Moscow Times

January 17, 2020: “What Was Iran’s Intention When Attacking Iraq’s Al Asad Air Base?” Margaret Croy in Forces News

January 17, 2020: “Triggering JCPOA Dispute Mechanism Risky Step, Further Developments Depend On Iran,” Nikolai Sokov and Miles Pomper in Urdu Point/ Sputnik News

January 15, 2020: “China’s New Missile Submarines Could Nuke America (Or Not),” Catherine Dill in the National Interest

January 14, 2020: “Trump snub: How Boris Johnson claimed ‘you don’t threaten nuclear war’ with Iran,” Jeffrey Lewis in Express (UK)

January 12, 2020: “How Americans and Iranians are using memes and hashtags to cope with conflict,” Jamie Withorne in CNN

January 10, 2020: “What is SA-15, the air defense system that may have shot down a Ukrainian plane?” Michael Duitsman in the Washington Post

January 10, 2020: “Donald Trump Calls on Allies to Leave Iran Nuclear Deal, But They Still Want To Save It,” Fabian Hinz in Newsweek

January 9, 2020: “Iran’s Missile Strike ‘More Accurate Than Expected’ Says Analyst,” Dave Schmerler in Radio Farda

January 9, 2020: “Experts: Iran’s Attacks on US Assets Could Encourage N. Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions,” Joshua Pollack in Voice of America

January 9, 2020: “Explainer: Missile system suspected of bringing down airliner: short range, fast and deadly,” Michael Duitsman in Reuters

January 9, 2020: “Fact Check: President Donald Trump’s address on Iranian attack,” Fabian Hinz on CBS 2 News

January 9, 2020: “No, the Clintons and Obama didn’t give nukes and uranium to North Korea, Iran and Russia,” Joshua Pollack and Jeffrey Lewis in Politifact

January 9, 2020: “Analysis: Trump backs away from war with Iran but it’s not over,” Fabian Hinz in USA Today

January 9, 2020: “Iran conducted precision strike on targets in Iraq,” Margaret Croy in NHK World

January 9, 2020: “If Trump Decides To Start A Nuclear War, No One Can (Legally) Stop Him – Op Ed,” Jeffrey Lewis in Eurasia Review

January 8, 2020: “Maps: How the Confrontation Between the U.S. and Iran Escalated,” Jeffrey Lewis and Dave Schmerler in the New York Times

January 8, 2020: “Experts Scoff At Trump’s Explosive Claim That Obama Paid For Iran’s Missile Strike,” Fabian Hinz and Jeffrey Lewis in Talking Points Memo

January 8, 2020: “Satellite Photos Reveal Extent Of Damage from Iranian Strike On Air Base In Iraq,” Dave Schmerler and Fabian Hinz on NPR

January 7, 2020: “Romania’s Aegis Ashore Is Now Online and Can Shoot Down Enemy Missiles,”  Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest

January 7, 2020: “Trump’s unpredictability is making nuclear-nonproliferation advocates nervous as the US takes an aggressive posture against Iran,” Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

January 7, 2020: “Don’t Worry About Iranian Nukes Anytime Soon, Nuclear Experts Say,” Miles Pomper in Buzzfeed News

January 7, 2020: “Iran Keeps Nuclear Deal In Force Despite Rolling Back Key Commitments,” Nikolai Sokov and Miles Pomper in Sputnik News

January 7, 2020: “How a ‘quantum change’ in missiles has made Iran a far more dangerous foe,” Fabian Hinz in the Washington Post

January 6, 2020: “How Close Is Iran to a Nuclear Weapon? Here’s What We Know,” Miles Pomper in Wired

January 5, 2020, “A Tactical Nuclear Strike by North Korea Would Warrant a Big US Response,” Joshua Pollack in the National Interest

January 2, 2020: “Faster Rockets, More Warheads: What North Korea Could Gain From New Weapons Development,” Grace Liu in Reuters (via New York Times)

January 2, 2020: “Kim Jong Un Warns of Hard Times in ‘Long-Term Confrontation’ with US,” Joshua Pollack in Voice of America

January 1, 2020: “North Korea: Kim Jong-un threatens ‘new path’ after US misses his nuclear deadline,” Jeffrey Lewis in Express (UK)

January 1, 2020: “North Korea’s Leader Promises ‘New Strategic Weapon,’ Leaves Room for Talks,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters (via Independent Journal Review)