Enhancing Nuclear Reactor Security

October 14, 2020
Miles Pomper

Every year, the European Nuclear Society brings together research-reactor operators from across the continent and beyond to discuss the latest technical and policy developments. CNS experts have frequently participated in the conference on issues related to nuclear security.

This year, Senior Fellow Miles Pomper participated in an expert panel at Research Reactor 2020 “Current and Future Perceptions and Applications for Proliferation Resistance.” The panel examined the ways reactor operation, fuel production, and other technical parameters might be altered to make nuclear material in the reactors less attractive for use in nuclear weapons.

Keynote speakers at the conference included Jessica Halse, assistant deputy administrator of the US National Nuclear Security Administration and Brian Boyer of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The European Nuclear Society promotes the development of nuclear science and technology and the understanding of peaceful nuclear applications. Founded in 1975, ENS is the largest society for nuclear science, research and industry in Europe, and brings together more than 12,000 professionals from the academic world, research centers, industry, and authorities.

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