Spotting Today’s ‘Red Flags’ —
Tips on Avoiding Illicit Proliferation-related Procurement and Diversion


Illicit procurement supporting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction remains a challenge to global security.

To help companies and professionals engaged in international trade stay ahead of this challenge, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) is pleased to make available this set of videos that: 1) describe current trends in illicit procurement; and 2) provide tips and tools that can help compliance, sales, technical, and logistics professionals better detect ‘red flags’ of this illicit activity and avoid inadvertently supporting WMD proliferation.


Current Trends in Illicit Procurement


Based on CNS’ research into over 40 recent export control violation cases, this video describes current trends in illicit WMD-related procurement and diversion, with a focus on the methods used by proliferators to defeat companies’ internal export compliance programs. The information presented in this video should be useful for industry or trade professionals who might encounter such illicit activity and who need to stay up-to-date on current tactics used by proliferators, so that they may be detected and defeated.


Tips and Tools for Compliance Professionals

This is a companion video to the “Current Trends in Illicit Procurement” video, offering tips and tools based on these trends and designed to reinforce the core elements of an internal export management control program or EMCP.

Additional Resources

International Export Control Regulatory Agencies

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Research Tools (as referenced in “Tips and Tools”)

  • US Government Federal Procurement System
  • UN Panel of Experts Reports

NGO’s and Think Tanks