Connecting the OSINT Dots on Sri Lankan-North Korean Military Deals

March 16, 2017
Andrea Berger

This article originally appeared in Arms Control Wonk on March 15, 2017.

The UN Panel of Experts working on North Korea sanctions implementation published its latest report last week which is, as usual, a treasure trove of details for DPRK geeks to dig into. If you haven’t already, make some time to flick through it.

Chinese coal announcements and assassinations in Malaysia naturally meant that many people read the report for details about those two countries. But another country mentioned in the report – Sri Lanka—deserves a bit of love and attention, too.

Sri Lankan Military

Sri Lankan Military
Source: Wikimedia


This is not the first time that Sri Lanka has been on the radar for negotiating purchases of military goods from North Korea. In a little-known event, the US issued a demarche to their Sri Lankan counterparts in March 2009 over suspicions that Lanka Logistics and Technologies Ltd, which is responsible for equipment purchases for the Sri Lankan armed forces, was chatting with the Korea Mining and Development Corporation (KOMID). KOMID, as we know, is North Korea’s primary arms trading firm.

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