CNS Fellows Spring 2015 Program

Margarita Sevcik
May 13, 2015

CNS Fellows Spring 2015: CNS Director Bill Potter with Spring 2015 Visiting Fellows

CNS Director Bill Potter with
Spring 2015 Visiting Fellows

Last week, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) bid adieu to yet another group of Visiting Fellows, who underwent CNS’s intensive, semester-long nonproliferation training program. The Spring 2015 Fellows included three junior researchers from Pakistan and Columbia, two governmental officials from China and Yemen, and a university faculty member from Bulgaria (see below for a full list of fellows and their affiliations).

Throughout the semester, fellows participated in a rigorous lecture series tailored specifically for them. They also audited select classes offered to MIIS students under its Masters in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program. In addition, they had ample opportunity to meet and network with prominent experts in the field, including those from CNS as well as other organizations.

Fellows spent a significant portion of their fellowship working on their independent research projects, which they presented at the end of their program.

CNS experts served as their mentors and research advisors. On May 4-5, fellows delivered their presentations to CNS staff and students, and they all received certificates of completion for their training at CNS.


If you are interested in learning more about the CNS Visiting Fellows’ presentations for the Spring 2015 semester, contact Margarita Sevcik.

Nuclear Arms Control in South Asia: Challenges and Prospects
Mr. Mirza Muhammad Masood Akbar
Research Fellow, South Asian Strategic Stability Institute
Islamabad, Pakistan

Strengthening National Agencies Responsible for Strategic Trade Control-Related Licensing in Yemen
Dr. Khaled Al-Ahmed
Director General of Licensing
Registration and Investigation National Atomic Energy Commission
Sana’a, Yemen

Educational Project: Master Program in Nuclear Security
Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov
Department Head, National and Regional Security
University of National and World Economy
Sofia, Bulgaria

Pakistan’s Flexible Response Strategy and Conflict in South Asia
Mr. Muhammad Faisal
Assistant Researcher
Officer Center for International Strategic Studies
Islamabad, Pakistan

Nonproliferation and Disarmament Education in Latin America
Ms. Luisa Vargas
Coordinator, Latin American Project for Nuclear Issues
Assistant Professor Rosario University
Bogotá, Colombia

Dilemma of Future Space Security Regime
Ms. Yang Jia
Second Secretary
Department of Arms Control and Disarmament Ministry of Foreign Affairs
PRC, Beijing, China

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