Chat GPT and the Future of Nonproliferation

May 8, 2023

In early March, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation (CNS) published its first article discussing the implications of ChatGPT for the nuclear agenda. Since then, the more powerful ChatGPT-4 has been released by OpenAI, triggering a split in the AI community on the benefits and risks of further development. Meanwhile, nonproliferation experts have begun to assess the field-specific challenges posed by the innovation.

This CNS seminar on May 2nd, 2023 reviews this incipient assessment – as well as OpenAI’s own candid disclosure – of ChatGPT’s potential to pose nonproliferation-related challenges and risks. In addition, the presentation features a discussion of ChatGPT’s potential utility for nonproliferation research and education, including what applications can best tap the AI model’s capabilities while circumventing its well-known accuracy and transparency challenges. The presenter demonstrates the versatility of the AI tool with respect to a broad range of research and pedagogical tasks while also highlighting the dangers of over reliance, in hopes of stimulating further input from the audience.


00:00:00 Introduction by the moderator, Dr. William Potter, Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar Professor of Nonproliferation Studies, Middlebury Institute of International Studies

00:03:05 GPT-4 Technical Report – Presentation by Yanliang Pan, Graduate Research Associate, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies MA Candidate, Middlebury Institute of International Studies

00:08:36 Applications for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

00:12:39 Applications for Export Controls

00:28:52 Applications for Arms Control/Disarmament

00:32:20 Applications for General Research

00:38:46 Applications for Education

00:45:50 Q&A

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