OP#08: After 9/11: Preventing Mass-Destruction Terrorism and Weapons Proliferation

June 2002
Michael Barletta, ed.

Occasional Paper #8

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After 9/11: Preventing Mass-Destruction Terrorism and Weapons Proliferation

The papers in this collection examine the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, and analyze U.S. and international responses to 9/11. They also propose measures to avert terrorism and to reduce mass-destruction threats to U.S. and international security.



Terrorism and US National Security

  • National Security, Nonproliferation, and the War against Terrorism
    by Mike Shuster
  • The New Landscape of Nuclear Terrorism
    by Leonard S. Spector

Nonproliferation Regimes and Proliferation Technologies

  • Arms Control for Anthrax: A Safety-and-Security Approach to Strengthening the BWC
    by Michael Barletta and Amy Sands
  • Implications of the War against Terrorism for the NPT Regime
    by Lawrence Scheinman
  • Regulating Scientific Research of Potential Relevance to Biological Warfare
    by Jonathan B. Tucker

Middle East

  • Implications of September 11 for Middle East Security
    by Nabil Fahmy
  • Proliferation Assessment: Iran’s Strategic Environment after 9/11
    by Amin Tarzi

South Asia

  • Lip Service Is Not Enough: Take Responsibility for the Nonproliferation Regime
    by George Perkovich
  • Terrorism, Pakistan, and Nuclear Weapons
    by Scott D. Sagan

Major-Power Relations

  • Major Powers in the 21st Century
    by Thérèse Delpech
  • US-Russian Relations after the Crawford Summit
    by Rose Gottemoeller
  • Major-Power Relations and Nonproliferation: The Impact of September 11
    by Brad Roberts


  • Assessing Risks and Crafting Responses
    by Michael Barletta

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