OP#05: International Perspectives on Missile Proliferation and Defenses

April 27, 2001
Scott Parrish, ed.

Occasional Paper #5

Special Joint Series on Missile Issues
The Center for Nonproliferation Studies of the Monterey Institute of International Studies and the Mountbatten Centre for International Studies at the University of Southampton are very pleased to initiate a new Occasional Paper series devoted to the topic of ballistic missile proliferation. The focus of this series reflects the concern of both centers that the spread of ballistic missiles constitutes one of the most serious and complex nonproliferation challenges today.

Read the full Occasional Paper #5:
International Perspectives on Missile Proliferation and Defenses


  • Foreword by William C. Potter and John Simpson
  • Introduction
    • Current Issues Concerning the Control of Ballistic Missile Proliferation and Ballistic Missile Defenses
      by John Simpson
  • Threats
    • Ballistic Missile Threats, Missile Defenses, Deterrence, and Strategic Stability
      by Camille Grand
    • Criteria for Assessing Ballistic Missile Threats
      by Timothy V. McCarthy
  • Responses
    • New Concepts of Deterrence
      by Darryl Howlett
    • Missile Proliferation, Missile Defenses, and Arms Control
      by Mark Smith
    • Forecasting the Strategic-Military Implications of NMD Deployment
      by James Clay Moltz
  • Regional Perspectives
    • Europe
      by Bernd Kubbig
    • Middle East
      by Aaron Karp
    • South Asia
      by Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu
    • Northeast Asia
      by Toshiro Ozawa
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