3D Modeling Research: The Global Video Library

3D Modeling ResearchTamara Patton
Melissa Hanham
Jessica Varnum

CNS is on the forefront of using open source information and new technical tools to identify and determine the capabilities of proliferation-related activities.  Many of our products are prepared for the NTI website, but many other applications for this work are used to support CNS original research.

The Global Video Library

CNS and NTI are creating a video library of strategic nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile-related facilities around the globe. The videos feature original, professionally produced and meticulously researched 3D models of selected facilities profiled on the NTI website.

CNS regional and technical experts produce these videos by conducting open-source analysis of current and historical satellite imagery, ground imagery, videos, and first-hand accounts of the sites. The models are created using Trimble SketchUp and geo-located using Google Earth.

3D Modeling Research Videos


3d_experimental_yongbyon_300x160Experimental 25-30 MWe Light Water Reactor

3d_sohae_satellite_launching_station_300x160Sohae Satellite Launching Station

3d_north_korea_300x160Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground

Xichang Space Launch Center

3d_yongbyon_5mwe_reactor_north_korea_300x160Yongbyon 5MWe Reactor

Video credits: Melissa Hanham, Matthew Johnston, Eduardo Fujii and Jessica Varnum.

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