3D Model of Syria’s Hakasa Spinning Company

November 8, 2011

Media reports over the last couple weeks indicated that IAEA inspectors had raised some concerns about satellite images of a complex in northwest Syria that was possibly related to the country’s suspected nuclear program and might have links to the AQ Khan network and to Libya’s defunct nuclear weapons program. These allegation and the images they were based on were analyzed at length by numerous experts, including Dr. Jeffrey Lewis who wrote extensively on the issue for Arms Control Wonk (see links below). Additionally, CNS research assistant Tamara Patton created a 3D model of the site.

For full details of the debate regarding the Hasaka facility see listed posts by Dr. Lewis:


Google Earth 3D Model

Navigation Instructions

  • First click on the image.
  • Use scroll wheel to zoom in or out.
  • Press and hold scroll wheel button and move mouse to maneuver.
  • Click placemarks for more info (photos may need to be clicked twice)

Download the Model

Google Earth Data

Hasaka 3D Model KML

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