OP#10: Future Security in Space: Commercial, Military, and Arms Control Trade-Offs

July 2002
James Clay Moltz, ed.

Occasional Paper #10

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Future Security in Space: Commercial, Military, and Arms Control Trade-Offs

Identifying areas of common ground in the field of future space activity. A collaboration between the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and the Mountbatten Centre for International Studies at the University of Southampton.


  • Future Choices in Space
    by James Clay Moltz

Defenses in Space: Background Issues

  • Defenses in Space: Treaty Issues
    by Jonathan Dean
  • U.S. Commercial Space Programs: Future Priorities and Implications for National Security
    by Charles V. Peña
  • Military Approaches to Space Vulnerability: Seven Questions
    by Robert McDougall and Phillip J. Baines
  • Debris and Future Space Activities
    by Joel R. Primack

Weighing Alternative Approaches to Space Security

  • Putting Military Uses of Space in Context
    by Steven Lambakis
  • Space Weapons: More Security or Less?
    by Theresa Hitchens
  • Military Space Cooperation: Opportunities and Challenges
    by Peter L. Hays
  • Enhancing Global Security through Improved Space Management: A Russian Perspective
    by Vitaly A. Lukiantsev
  • Treaties as an Approach to Reducing Space Vulnerabilities
    by Cheng Jingye
  • A U.S. Perspective on Space
    by Eric M. Javits

How to Move Forward?

  • Government-Led Discussions regarding Space Weapons and Avenues for Progress
    by Vladimir Petrovsky
  • Commercial-Led Options
    by Alain Dupas
  • NGO Approaches and Initiatives for Addressing Space Security
    by Rebecca Johnson

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