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December 31, 2019: “Donald Trump ‘is so emotionally involved in love-hate relationship with Kim Jong-un he could plunge world into nuclear crisis,’ warns North Korea expert,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Daily Mail (UK)

December 31, 2019: “North Korea’s leader promises ‘new strategic weapon,’ leaves room for talks,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

December 30, 2019: “North Korea’s improved missile systems spark ‘deadline’ concerns,” CNS database in Financial Times

December 28, 2019: “Russia Says It Has Deployed First Hypersonic Nuclear-Capable Missiles,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters (via New York Times)

December 26, 2019: “Offutt-based jets still on alert for North Korean ‘Christmas gift,” Jeffrey Lewis in Omaha World-Herald

December 26, 2019: “No sign of ‘Christmas gift’ from North Korea yet, but deadline looms,” CNS analysis in CBS News

December 26, 2019: “Christmas Day passes with no sign of ‘gift’ that North Korean warned of,” Jeffrey Lewis in NBC News

December 25, 2019: “Trump ready to ‘deal’ with North Korea’s Christmas surprise,” Jeffrey Lewis in Nikkei Asian Review

December 25, 2019: “Experts: Pyongyang Never Stopped Attempts to Develop New Weapons,” Jeffrey Lewis in Newsmax

December 24, 2019: “Satellite image of construction at North Korea factory heightens concerns about possible ICBM test,” Jeffrey Lewis in CBS News

December 24, 2019: “North Korea Never Halted Efforts to Build Powerful New Weapons, Experts Say,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

December 23, 2019: “North Korea Promises A Christmas Surprise. Here Are The Options,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

December 22, 2019: “Report: Satellite Photos Show Expanding North Korean Site Linked to Long-Range Missiles,” Jeffrey Lewis in Daily Beast

December 18, 2019: “Missile-Toe? US General Frets Pyongyang’s ‘Christmas Gift’ Could be Long Range Test,” Jeffrey Lewis in Sputnik News

December 18, 2019: “North Korea Has a Christmas Gift for Trump: An ICBM Test,” Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest

December 17, 2019: “Experts; ‘Abrupt End’ to Talks Likely If North Korea Launches Holiday Missile,” Joshua Pollack in Voice of America

December 17, 2019: “Expert: N.Korea may have tested rocket engines,” Jeffrey Lewis in NHK

December 15, 2019: “Why North Korea Might Wait Things Out With US,” Joshua Pollack in the Wall Street Journal

December 13, 2019: “Is North Korea Getting Ready to Launch a New Missile?” Jeffrey Lewis in TIME magazine

December 13, 2019: “Santa Kim is coming to town—with North Korean gifts that keep on giving,” Jeffrey Lewis in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

December 9, 2019: “Satellite images show N.Korea test side activity,” Jeffrey Lewis in NHK News

December 9, 2019: “North Korea resumes insults of ‘erratic old man’ Trump,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

December 9, 2019: “北朝鮮「重大な実験」 固体燃料使ったエンジン実験の可能性, [North Korea “Major Experiment” Possibility of Engine Experiment Using Solid Fuel]” Jeffrey Lewis on NHK News

December 8, 2019: “North Korea claims to have carried out a ‘very important’ test at rocket launch site,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

December 6, 2019: “Today, Everyone’s a Nuclear Spy,” Dave Schmerler and Jeffrey Lewis in Defense One

December 6, 2019: “North Korea Turns Up Heat on Trump, Calls Him ‘Dotard’ Again,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Associated Press

December 5, 2019: “Rafael Grossi Isn’t America’s—or Iran’s, or North Korea’s—Man,” Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova in Foreign Policy

December 5, 2019: “New satellite image shows activity at previously dismantled North Korean test site,” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

December 4, 2019: “As nuclear talks falter, next move for North Korea’s Kim may be missile test over Japan,” Joshua Pollack in Japan Times

December 3, 2019: “North Korea says choice of ‘Christmas gift’ is up to US amid missile tensions,” Joshua Pollack in the Guardian

December 3, 2019: “North Korea’s promised ‘Christmas gift’ to Trump could be a missile test capable of striking the US,” Joshua Pollack and Shea Cotton in Business Insider

December 2, 2019: “News Analysis: New UN nuclear watchdog chief has tightrope to walk: experts,” Elena Sokova in Xinhua

November 29, 2019: “North Korea Threatens Ballistic Missile Test Under Japan’s ‘Nose’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Voice of America

November 28, 2019: “North Korea’s Thanksgiving Day test shows improving speed for missile crews,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

November 15, 2019: “North Korea says Trump is running out of time for peace talks, and warns of dire consequences,” Joshua Pollack in Business Insider

November 15, 2019: “What would be the consequences if Turkey built nuclear weapons?” Jessica Varnum in Euronews (in Turkish)

November 14, 2019: “North Korea Seen Lining Up Military Aircraft For Possible Show,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

November 11, 2019: “North Korea’s nuclear activities still ’cause for serious concern’: IAEA,” Joshua Pollack in NK News

November 9, 2019: “North Korea’s year-end deadline isn’t a bluff,” Joshua Pollack in Quartz

November 7, 2019: “Does Iran’s gradual withdrawal from 2015 deal indicate a path towards nuclear weapons?” Jeffrey Lewis in The Print (India)

November 6, 2019: “As Iran Expands Uranium Enrichment Activity, Risks to Nuclear Deal Rise,” Jeffrey Lewis in Wall Street Journal

November 6, 2019: “Iran ‘closer to making nuclear weapon’ in latest breach of landmark deal,” Chen Kane in the Independent

November 2, 2019: “Tiny, privately owned satellites are changing how we view the Earth,” Sarah Bidgood in NBC News

November 1, 2019: “Why It Would Be Dangerous for Trump to Use a WMD Office as a Political Pawn,” Miles Pomper in Mother Jones

November 1, 2019: “Russia just tested an ICBM near the site of its deadly nuclear missile accident,” Michael Duitsman in Business Insider

October 31, 2019: Extended interview with Jessica Varnum on the US withdrawal from Syria and the deteriorating US-Turkey relationship, Peter Tilden Show, KABC Radio

October 31, 2019: “Report: US to renew foreign firms’ waivers for work at Iran nuclear sites,” CNS in Jewish News Syndicate

October 29, 2019: “German Role in Developing Soviet Nuclear Program Revealed in Newly Declassified Documents,” the Nonproliferation Review cited in the Moscow Times

October 28, 2019: “Growing Anxiety about the Crucial 2020 NPT Review Conference,” CNS in Indepth News

October 27, 2019: “Kim’s Order to Remove Mount Kumgang Seen as Pressure Tactic on Seoul,” Joshua Pollack in Voice of America

October 25, 2019: “Here’s what’s going on with the 50 American nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey,” Jeffrey Lewis in CBC

October 23, 2019: “Poison used in recent attack on Russian spy may soon be banned,” Nonproliferation Review in Science magazine

October 23, 2019: “US Exit From INF Treaty Threatens to Trigger Arms Race – Scholars,” Miles Pomper and Nikolai Sokov in Sputnik News

October 23, 2019: “Why does the US have nukes in Turkey, and what happens to them now?” Jeffrey Lewis in SBS (Australia)

October 22, 2019: “Why Russia’s Nuclear-Powered ‘Skyfall’ Missile Is Bad News,” Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest 

October 22, 2019: “With nuclear stakes, the world cannot afford Russian obfuscation,” Jeffrey Lewis in New Atlanticist

October 21, 2019: “Trump can’t stop smearing Obama with a ridiculous lie about North Korea,” Joshua Pollack in AlterNet

October 21, 2019: “Fears grow about use of 3D printing for mass murder,” Robert Shaw in Tech Radar

October 21, 2019: “From Syria to Iran, Trump Is Losing the Battle to End ‘Endless Wars’ in Middle East,” Jeffrey Lewis in Ha’aretz

October 20, 2019: “Erdogan’s Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons,” Jessica Varnum in New York Times

October 15, 2019: “The serious message behind Kim Jong Un’s silly horse photos,” Joshua Pollack in Vox

October 18, 2019: “미 전문가 ‘북 공언한 새로운 길’은 낡은 길'” [US expert ‘North professed ‘new road’ is old road”], Joshua Pollack in Radio Free Asia

October 16, 2019: “North Korea Says Kim Jong Un’s New Operation Will ‘Strike the World with Wonder,’ Praises the ‘Noble Glitters in His Eyes,” Joshua Pollack in Newsweek

October 16, 2019: “Trump appears to confirm U.S. nukes are in Turkey, an admission that would break with longstanding protocol,” Jessica Varnum in Washington Post

October 16, 2019: “Five unintended consequences of Trump’s Syria withdrawal,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Hill

October 15, 2019: “Why Are U.S. Nuclear Bombs Still in Turkey?,” Jeffrey Lewis in The New Republic

October 15, 2019: “‘Defiant message’ as North Korea’s Kim rides white horse on sacred mountain,” Joshua Pollack in Reuters

October 15, 2019: “Turkey holding 50 US nuclear bombs ‘hostage’ at air base, report says,” Jeffrey Lewis in Fox News

October 15, 2019: “Lay Down Arms: Turkey accused of holding 50 US nuclear bombs ‘hostage to blackmail Donald Trump into giving Erdogan free reign over the Kurds,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Sun

October 14, 2019: “Rouhani Says Iran Has Evidence Tanker Was Hit By Rockets,” Fabian Hinz in the Wall Street Journal

October 14, 2019: “US nuclear bombs at Turkish airbase complicate rift over Syria invasion,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Guardian

October 14, 2019: “US officials are considering pulling nuclear weapons from Turkey, effectively severing the US-Turkey alliance,” Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

October 14, 2019: “Trump Followed His Gust on Syria. Calamity Came Fast.,” Jeffrey Lewis in New York Times

October 11, 2019: “Putin’s Skyfall missile failed a test and exploded in a deadly nuclear accident, the US says,” Joshua Pollack in Business Insider

October 8, 2019: “Russian-Chinese Early Warning Missile System to Eliminate ‘Surprise’ of Any US Strike,” Miles Pomper and Nikolai Sokov in Sputnik News

October 8, 2019: “How to stay informed on the future of war,” Jeffrey Lewis in Quartz

October 8, 2019: “Trump is threatening to wage economic war on a country the US bases nukes in,” Jessica Varnum and Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

October 4, 2019: “5 Reasons Trump Should Be Way More Concerned About North Korea’s Submarine Missile Launch,” Joshua Pollack in VICE News

October 2, 2019: “Saudi Arabia’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy,” Fabian Hinz in Foreign Policy

September 29, 2019: “Juche rules North Korean propaganda, but what does it mean?” Joshua Pollack in Associated Press

September 25, 2019: “Are air defense systems ready to confront drone swarms?” Michael Duitsman in Defense News

September 23, 2019: “Satellite images suggest North Korea working to hide launch of missile submarine,” Jeffrey Lewis and Dave Schmerler in CNN

September 22, 2019: “U.S. Covered Up an Israeli Nuclear Test in 1979, Foreign Policy Says,” Avner Cohen in Ha’aretz

September 22, 2019: “The Department of Defense had to apologize after a tweet suggested the US military was going to bomb millennials into oblivion if they tried to raid Area 51,” Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

September 21, 2019: “NATO’s Future Role, Relevance to Depend on Relations Between Global Powers – Analyst,” Noah Mayhew in Sputnik News

September 19, 2019: “Images suggest N.Korea building ballistic subs,” Dave Schmerler in NHK News

September 19, 2019: “What We Know About The Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities,” Fabian Hinz in NPR

September 18, 2019: “Saudi Arabia appears to have been powerless to stop the oil-field attack because of its antiquated air defenses and internal dysfunction,” Michael Duitsman in Business Insider

September 17, 2019: “The devastating attack on Saudi oil plants confirms the worst fears about low-tech drones in the wrong hands,” Joshua Pollack and Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

September 17, 2019: “AP Analysis: Saudi Oil Attack Part of Dangerous New Pattern,” Fabian Hinz in Associated Press (via New York Times)

September 17, 2019: “Source: ‘High probability’ Saudi attack launched from Iranian base near Iraq,” Fabian Hinz in CNN

September 16, 2019: “Outside Experts See Iran’s Hand In Attack On Saudi Oil Facility,” Fabian Hinz on NPR

September 16, 2019: “Trump: ‘We’d Certainly Like to Avoid’ War With Iran,” Jeffrey Lewis in Voice of America

September 16, 2019: “Why Iran is getting the blame for an attack on Saudi Arabia claimed by Yemen’s Houthis,” Fabian Hinz in Washington Post

September 14, 2019: “U.S. Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities,” Fabian Hinz in Wall Street Journal

September 13, 2019: “Russian Skyfall nuclear missile which ‘can fly forever, has an unlimited range and is impossible to shoot down’ could be ready to go to war within six years, US intelligence warns,” Jeffrey Lewis in Daily Mail

September 13, 2019: “China’s gambling on a nuclear future, but is it destined to lose,” Miles Pomper in CNN

September 13, 2019: “Putin warning: Russia’s super nuclear weapon Burevestnik ‘ready for war in 2025’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Express

September 13, 2019: “Trump keeps threatening US enemies with destructive power greater than nuclear weapons—experts say that’s ‘crazy talk’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

September 13, 2019: “Russia has a terrifying new super-nuke and it’s probably time to build that doomsday bunker,” Jeffrey Lewis in Metro

September 13, 2019: “Russian ‘non-stop’ super missile will be ready to hit Western defences ‘by 2025’,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Mirror

September 12, 2019: “Putin preparing to unleash nuclear missile that can strike anywhere in the world sparking fears of new arms race,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Sun

September 11, 2019: “North Korea says it tested super-large multiple rocket launcher,” Michael Duitsman in Asian News International

September 11, 2019: “Report: Terrorists Could 3D Print Weapons of Mass Destruction,” Robert Shaw and Miles Pomper in Futurism

September 11, 2019: “Russian nuclear missile with ‘unlimited’ range to be ready by 2024, US intelligence says,” Jeffrey Lewis and Joshua Pollack in CNBC

September 10, 2019: “North Korea says it tested another ‘super-large’ rocket launcher,” Catherine Dill in Stars and Stripes

September 10, 2019: “3-D Printers Could Help Spread Weapons of Mass Destruction,” Robert Shaw, Miles Pomper, and Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in Scientific American

September 9, 2019: “North Korea says it will resume talks but adds pressure with new launches,” Joshua Pollack in Reuters

September 5, 2019: “Turkey’s Erdogan hints he wants nuclear weapons,” Chen Kane in The Independent

September 5, 2019: “Every Next Step of Iran to Unravel JCPOA Will Only Hamper EU Bids to Seek Sanctions Relief,” Miles Pomper in Urdu Point

September 3, 2019: “Trump Tweeted a Sensitive Photo. Internet Sleuths Decoded It,” Dave Schmerler in WIRED

September 3, 2019: “Radioactive Barges Are Killing the Vibe on This Russian Beach After Deadly Missile Blast,” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in VICE

September 2, 2019: “North Korea Missile Tests, ‘Very Standard’ to Trump, Show Signs of Advancing Arsenal,” CNS in New York Times

September 2, 2019: “Iran acknowledges rocket explosion, says test malfunctioned,” CNS in Associated Press

September 1, 2019: “How to protect yourself from nuclear radiation,” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in Popular Science

September 1, 2019: “Iranian official mocks Trump with ‘good morning selfie’ after president tweets out image from secret intelligence briefing,” Joshua Pollack and Jeffrey Lewis in The Independent

August 31, 2019: “‘Careless’ Donald Trump shared classified pics of explosion at Iranian space centre ‘not meant for the public,'” Jeffrey Lewis and David Schmerler in The Sun

August 31, 2019: “Mysterious Iran rocket blast draws Trump tweet, Tehran taunt,” CNS in Associated Press

August 31, 2019: “Trump defends sharing ‘classified’ photo of failed Iran rocket launch,” CNS in Times of Israel

August 31, 2019: “What we can learn from the spy satellite image Trump tweeted,” Jeffrey Lewis in Quartz

August 30, 2019: “How nuclear scientists are decoding Russia’s mystery explosion,” Anne Pellegrino in Nature

August 30, 2019: “Trump says the US wasn’t involved in apparent launch pad explosion in Iran,” Jeffrey Lewis and Joshua Pollack in CNBC

August 29, 2019: “Huawei Boosted Research Spending at Berkeley Before Sanctions, Documents Show,” Robert Shaw in The Information

August 28, 2019: “Russian nuclear accident,” Joshua Pollack on Public Radio International’s The World

August 27, 2019: “북 미사일 시험 75%, 김정은 집권 이후,” Shea Cotton in Radio Free Asia

August 27, 2019: “Putin says Russia’s building an unstoppable nuclear-powered missile—it’s probably just a really ‘bad idea’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Business Insider

August 26, 2019: “Iran Seen Preparing For Space Launch,” Dave Schmerler on NPR

August 24, 2019: “North Korea fires two apparent missiles one day after South severs intelligence-sharing pact with Japan,” Grace Liu in Japan Times

August 23, 2019: “What is Russia hiding after ‘Skyfall’ radioactive blast?” Jeffrey Lewis in Deutsche Welle

August 23, 2019: “US, Russia Must Engage In Post-INF Dialogue Rather Than Tit-for-Tat Exchanges – NGO,” Noah Mayhew in Urdu Point

August 23, 2019: “Slim Chance US, Russia Will Agree New Arms Control Treaty To Replace INF – Experts,” Joshua Pollack in Sputnik News (via UrduPoint)

August 23, 2019: “Russian Nuclear Blast Theories Hint at No-Holds-Barred Arms Race,” Jeffrey Lewis in Bloomberg Politics

August 21, 2019: “Rätsel um russische Atom-Messstationen,” Jeffrey Lewis in Der Spiegel

August 21, 2019: “Russia’s Last Nuclear Mishap Shows Cover-Ups Are Becoming Harder,” Jeffrey Lewis in Bloomberg News

August 21, 2019: “The Absurd Strategy Behind Russia’s Nuclear Explosion,” Jeffrey Lewis in the New Republic

August 21, 2019: “Arms Race Redux! A U.S. Intermediate Range Nuclear Missile Test Shows Russia Was Right to Worry,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Daily Beast

August 20, 2019: “It Sure Looks Like Russia Is Trying to Cover Up Fallout From the Skyfall Nuclear Missile Accident,” Joshua Pollack in VICE

August 19, 2019: “Взрыв под Северодвинском: Зачем вообще нужен ‘Буревестник’?,” Anne Pellegrino in Deutsche Welle

August 19, 2019: “Putin’s rush to build doomsday weapons able to devastate the US is likely to end in more tragedies like its deadly missile disaster,” Jeffrey Lewis in Insider

August 19, 2019: “Images Indicate Iran May Be Planning Another Satellite Launch,” Fabian Hinz in Jerusalem Post

August 19, 2019: “Global network’s nuclear sensors in Russia went offline after mystery blast,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

August 18, 2019: “Images show Iran satellite launch looms despite US criticism,” Fabian Hinz in Associated Press

August 16, 2019: “Mystery surrounds explosion at Russia military site,” Jeffrey Lewis in Financial Times

August 16, 2019: “US officials expecting Iran to launch rocket in coming days,” Dave Schmerler in CNN

August 15, 2019: “Nuclear weapons are spreading. This plutonium scientist is trying to stop it.,” Miles Pomper, Grace Liu, and Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in CNET

August 14, 2019: “Onze interesse was gewekt na piek in straling in Rusland,” Anne Pellegrino and Sarah Bidgood in NRC (Netherlands)

August 14, 2019: “Failed Russian  nuclear test: Is Vladimir Putin developing a weapon that could crack US defenses?” Jeffrey Lewis in Salon

August 14, 2019: “U.S. Experts Want Details On Blast At Russian Missile Test Site,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR’s Morning Edition

August 13, 2019: “First Came A Mysterious Explosion, Then The Russian Denials,” Jeffrey Lewis in HuffPost

August 13, 2019: “Russian nuclear missile tests hint at wider goal of beating U.S. defenses, analysts warn,” Jeffrey Lewis on NBC News

August 12, 2019: Sarah Bidgood on CNN International

August 12, 2019: “Mysterious Blast In Russia Leaked Radiation? What We Know So Far,” Jeffrey Lewis in International Business Times

August 12, 2019: “Deadly Nuclear Mystery,” Jeffrey Lewis on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

August 12, 2019: “Questions Remain About An Explosion At A Missile Test Site In Russia,” Sarah Bidgood on NPR’s All Things Considered

August 12, 2019: Jeffrey Lewis on BBC Newshour with Julian Marshall

August 12, 2019: “All in 8/12/19,” Jeffrey Lewis on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes

August 12, 2019: “Russia Has a Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile. Yes, You Read That Right.,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

August 12, 2019: “Mystery surrounds deadly military test in Northern Russia,” Jeffrey Lewis on CNN’s Situation Room

August 12, 2019: “Evidence Grows That Russia’s Nuclear-Powered Doomsday Missile Was What Blew Up Last Week,” Sarah Bidgood in The Drive

August 12, 2019: “ロシア軍施設爆発 原子力使った巡航ミサイル実験中か 米専門家,” Jeffrey Lewis in NHK

August 12, 2019: “Explosion fuels speculation Russia is testing a nuclear-powered cruise missile,” Jeffrey Lewis in Times of Israel

August 12, 2019: “U.S. Officials Suspect New Nuclear Missile in Explosion That Killed 7 Russians,” Jeffrey Lewis in the New York Times

August 12, 2019: “Russia mourns five ‘heroes’ killed in missile test blast that led to radiation spike,” Jeffrey Lewis in Japan Times (via AFP)

August 11, 2019: “North Korea Says It Tested New Type of Missile, Further Enhancing Its Arsenal,” Michael Duitsman in the New York Times

August 11, 2019: “North Korea boosts Kim’s rising status as global statesman,” Joshua Pollack in PBS Newshour

August 11, 2019: “Russian Nuclear Agency Confirms Deaths During Engine Test,” Jeffrey Lewis in Wall Street Journal

August 10, 2019: “North Korea says no talks with South due to drills, Kim oversaw test of ‘new weapon’: KCNA,” CNS in Reuters

August 9, 2019: “U.S.-based experts suspect Russia blast involved nuclear-powered missile,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

August 9, 2019: “Mysterious Russian radiation,” Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Duitsman, and Dave Schmerler in Defense One

August 7, 2019: “Missile-Killer, Sensor and Spy Plane: What Can’t the F-35 Stealth Fighter Do?” Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest

August 7, 2019: “EDITORIAL: How to deal with another nuclear crisis 74 years after Hiroshima,” Jeffrey Lewis in Asahi Shimbun

August 4, 2019: “Could America Stop a North Korean Nuclear Weapon Headed for the Homeland?” Joshua Pollack and Jeffrey Lewis in the National Interest

August 2, 2019: “INF treaty: US withdraws from arms control agreement with Russia,” Jeffrey Lewis in Al Jazeera

August 2, 2019: “Trump calls Kim Jong Un a ‘friend’ while downplaying North Korean weapons testing,” Grace Liu in Business Insider

July 31, 2019: “New North Korean submarine capable of carrying three SLBMs: South Korean MND,” Dave Schmerler in NK News

July 29, 2019: “Inside the Secret Campaign to Export US Nuclear Tech to Saudi Arabia,” Miles Pomper in the Daily Beast

July 25, 2019: “North Korea’s Kim says missile test a warning to South Korean ‘warmongers’,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

July 25, 2019: “DPRK leader says Seoul carrying out ‘suicidal acts’ through joint drills, stealth fighter deployment,” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in NK News

July 24, 2019: “North Korea just fired 2 ‘projectiles’—curiously timed to Bolton’s trip to South Korea,” Jeffrey Lewis in Vox

July 23, 2019: “Kim Jong Un inspects new sub, wants to bolster North Korean military,” Dave Schmerler in the New York Post

July 23, 2019: “Kim Jong Un seen beside apparent submarine in state media photographs,” Dave Schmerler in CNN

July 19, 2019: “IRGC Deputy Commander: US Forces Entering Persian Gulf Are Entering ‘Hell’,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Jerusalem Post

July 18, 2019: “Trump announces downing of Iranian drone in Strait of Hormuz,” Jeffrey Lewis on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

July 18, 2019: “Did the US Invent Lyme Disease in the 1960s? The House Aims to Find Out,” Richard Pilch in Defense One

July 18, 2019: “US preparing to send hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions,” Jeffrey Lewis on CNN

July 18, 2019: “S-400 Deal Sows Turbulence Within NATO as Erdogan Wins Points At Home, Trust From Russia,” Miles Pomper and Nikolai Sokov in Sputnik News

July 18, 2019: “NATO Leak of US Nuclear Sites in Europe Unlikely to Have Major Consequences—Pundits,” Joshua Pollack in Sputnik News

July 9, 2019: “Iran Enrichment Update,” Leonard Spector on KPFA Radio

July 7, 2019: “France Trying to Restart Talks with Iran as Nuclear Tensions Spike,” Miles Pomper in Times of Israel

July 6, 2019: “Top Official Says Iran Ready for Higher Uranium Enrichment,” Miles Pomper in Associated Press

July 4, 2019: “Russia, US Should Focus on Extending New START Treaty as Hopes for Reviving INF Lost – Analysts,” Joshua Pollack in Sputnik News

July 2, 2019: “Irã viola acordo,” Miles Pomper in Correio Braziliense

July 1, 2019: “North Korea’s Nuclear Program Rests on Its Production Facilities,” Grace Liu in Newsy

July 1, 2019: “Fact check: Obama Never ‘Begged’ for a Meeting with Kim Jong Un,” Joshua Pollack in CNN

July 1, 2019: “U.S. Confirms Saudi Ballistic Missile Production,” CNS in Arms Control Today

June 30, 2019: “Trump ‘Proud’ to Step over DMZ Border into North Korea,” Joshua Pollack on RFI Radio (via Yahoo! News)

June 29, 2019: “China Unlikely to Join Multilateral Arms Control Talks Unless Russia, US Curb Arsenals,” Joshua Pollack in Sputnik News

June 28, 2019: “Is Nuclear Weapons Testing Back on the Horizon?” Jeffrey Lewis on Future of Life podcast

June 26, 2019: “Uranium enrichi : si l’Iran franchit la limite de l’accord sur le nucléaire,” Miles Pomper in France 24

June 24, 2019: “This Is What a (Now Deleted) Military Document Has to Say About US Nuclear Policy,” Jeffrey Lewis in IFL Science!

June 21, 2019: “The Pentagon Revealed Its Nuclear War Strategy and It’s Terrifying,” Jeffrey Lewis in Vice

June 20, 2019: “U.S. and Iran Disagree Over Whether Drone Was Shot Down Over Iranian Territory,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

June 19, 2019: “Nuclear Weapons and Iran’s Uranium — 4 Things to Know about One of the Iran Deal’s Most Important Elements,” Miles Pomper in The Conversation

June 19, 2019: “JCPOA Can Still Be Saved as Iran Treads Cautiously,” Miles Pomper and Joshua Pollack in Sputnik News

June 18, 2019: “US to Russia on Nuke Experiments: Do as We Say, Not as We Do,” Jean du Preez, Anne Pellegrino, and Jeffrey Lewis in Wired

June 17, 2019: “‘Explosion’ Near China-North Korea Border Causes Small Quake,” Jeffrey Lewis in Raw Story

June 13, 2019: “U.S military Intelligence Steps Up Accusation Against Russia over Nuclear Testing,” Sarah Bidgood in Washington Post

June 12, 2019: “EXCLUSIVE: US Intelligence Officials and Satellite Photos Details Russian Military Buildup on Crimea,” Sarah Bidgood in Defense One

June 12, 2019: “Expert: Images Show N. Korea Expanded Missile Site,” Dave Schmerler in NHK News

June 11, 2019: “Images Show N. Korea Expanded Missile Site,” CNS in NHK World

June 11, 2019: “One Year after Singapore Summit, Hopes Fading for Progress in U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Talks,” Joshua Pollack in Japan Times

June 9, 2019: “N-zone: Fuelling Change at Kudankulam Nuclear Plant,” Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress in New Indian Express

June 7, 2019: “Kyrgyzstan: Behind the Uranium Mining Ban,” Margarita Kalinina-Pohl in Nuclear Intelligence Weekly

June 6, 2019: “Saudi Missile Program Expanded with Help from China, US Intel Said to Show,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Times of Israel

June 6, 2019: “Saudi Arabia Ramped Up Ballistic Missile Program with China’s Help, Says Report,” Jeffrey Lewis in the International Business Times

June 5, 2019: “Saudi Arabia ‘Significantly Escalated Its Ballistic Missile Program with Chinese Help’ According to US Intel,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Daily Mail

June 5, 2019: “Exclusive: US Intel Shows Saudi Arabia Escalated Its Missile Program with Help from China,” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

June 3, 2019: “U.S., UK Complete Largest HEU Repatriation,” Miles Pomper in Arms Control Today

June 3, 2019: “Top North Korean Official in Trouble for Failed Trump Summit Reappears in Public,” Joshua Pollack in VOX

June 2, 2019: “North Korea’s Former Spymaster Kim Yong-Chol Appears at Art Performance with Kim Jong-Un,” Jeffrey Lewis in ABC News Australia

June 1, 2019: “Beaming Kim Jong-Un Hugs Schoolchildren and Watches Them Play Table Tennis – A Day after It Emerged He Executed Special Envoy to US by ‘Firing Squad’ over Failed Trump Summit,” Jeffrey Lewis in Daily Mail

May 31, 2019: “Another North Korea Purge? Experts Are Divided,” Jeffrey Lewis in Voice of America

May 31, 2019: “The Possible Killing of Top North Korean Diplomats after the Failed Trump Summit, Explained,” Joshua Pollack in VOX

May 31, 2019: “North Korea’s Kim Visits Factories Linked to Missile Launches,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters

May 30, 2019: “Steve and Cokie Roberts: The Heart of Our Democracy,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Joplin Globe

May 30, 2019: “Nuclear Watchdog Chief: No Evidence that Russia Is Violating Test Ban,” Sarah Bidgood in The Guardian

May 29, 2019: “Shanahan Breaks with Trump over North Korea Missile Test,” Jeffrey Lewis in CNN

May 29, 2019: “Top U.S. Military Intelligence Official Says Russia ‘Probably’ Not Adhering to Nuclear Test Ban,” Jeffrey Lewis in Washington Post

May 24, 2019: “Satellite Images Raise Questions about Iran Threat, Experts Say,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Daily Beast

May 24, 2019: “North Korea Has Been Testing Ballistic Missiles. So Why Won’t Trump Use the B Word?” Jeffrey Lewis in The Washington Post

May 23, 2019: “The Man Who Would Be Immigration Czar; Busy Week on the Hill; Space Force Roll Slowed; Future of Army Pacific; and a Bit More,” Shea Cotton in Defense One

May 23, 2019: “Nuclear Threat Highest Since World War II Amid More Armed Nations,” Elena Sokova in Cheddar

May 21, 2019: “Trump Clarifies Nuclear Gulf between US, North Korea,” CNS in Asia Times

May 21, 2019: “THAAD Missile Defense Systems Are Coming to Russia’s Doorstep,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

May 20, 2019: “Trump May Have Revealed US Intelligence in Fox Interview,” Joshua Pollack on CNN

May 20, 2019: “Trump and Kim’s Cozy Relationship Makes Nuclear Talks Tougher,” Jeffrey Lewis in Bloomberg News

May 18, 2019: “The North Korean Restaurant Accused by a Think Tank of Using Software Sales to Bypass Sanctions,” Cameron Trainer on CNN

May 15, 2019: “U.S. Officials Say New North Korean Missile Appears Aimed at Evading U.S. Defenses,” Joshua Pollack in LA Times

May 14, 2019: “Ex-top Trump Aide McMaster Says Accepting North Korea Nukes Would Push Japan to Debate Own Deterrent,” CNS in Japan Times

May 13, 2019: “New N. Korean Missile Threaten S. Korea,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Chosunilbo

May 13, 2019: “We Just Gamed Out What Happens If North Korea Launched a Nuclear War,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

May 11, 2019: “N Korean Missile Tests Showcase Growing Capability,” Grace Liu in Reuters

May 10, 2019: “‘Missiles Like These Will Start the War’: North Korea Tests Showcase Growing Capability,” Grace Liu, Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Duitsman, and Joshua Pollack in Reuters

May 9, 2019: “North Korea Launches Two Short-Range Missiles, South Korea Says,” CNS in Fortune

May 9, 2019: “North Korea Launches Second Projectile in Less Than a Week,” Shea Cotton in USA Today

May 9, 2019: “North Korea’s Latest Missile Tests Don’t Break Any Deals with Trump, Because There Is No Deal,” Shea Cotton in The Washington Post

May 9, 2019: “U.S. Takes Control of North Korean ‘Sanctions-Busting Ship,” Cameron Trainer on NPR

May 8, 2019: “North Korea’s Newest Missile Appears Similar to Advanced Russian Design,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

May 8, 2019: “‘A Ballistic Missile with a Range of 450 km,’ Say U.S. Experts,” Dave Schmerler and Jeffrey Lewis in The Dong-A Ilbo

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May 5, 2019: “New Images Reveal North Korea Missile Launch in Defiance of Donald Trump,” Jeffrey Lewis in Salon

May 5, 2019: “Trump Shrugs Off North Korean Weapons Test as Administration Seeks New Talks,” Grace Liu in The Wall Street Journal

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May 2, 2019: “I Guarded Israel’s First Nuclear Device, Former Israeli Reveals in U.S. Testimony,” Avner Cohen in Ha’aretz

May 2, 2019: “Israel Had Plutonium Core Ready to Turn into Nuke in ’67 War, US Journal Reveals,” Avner Cohen in The Times of Israel

May 2, 2019: “Cloak-and-Dagger Raid Threatens to Disrupt Nuke Talks,” Jeffrey Lewis in Asia Times

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May 1, 2019: “I Guarded Israel’s First Nuclear Device, Former Israeli Reveals in U.S. Testimony,” The Nonproliferation Review in Ha’aretz

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April 14, 2019: “Russia Won’t Like This: THAAD Missile Defense System Headed to Europe,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

April 11, 2019: “США не заинтересованы в продлении ДСНВ, уверен эксперт” [The US is not interested in extending START, this expert is sure], William Potter in RIA Novosti

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March 15, 2019: “Salinas Students Fighting to Eliminate Nukes, Will Join Global Forum in Monterey,” CNS Critical Issues Forum in The Californian

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March 13, 2019: “North Korea Advertises Military Hardware on Twitter, YouTube, Defying Sanctions,” Shea Cotton in VICE

March 12, 2019: “Trump Thought His ‘Force of Personality’ Could Get Kim Jong Un to Agree to Denuclearization, Says U.S. Senator—’He Lost Badly‘” Joshua Pollack in Newsweek

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March 9, 2019: “Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Planned Space Launch even before Hanoi,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Washington Post

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March 6, 2019: “North Korea Rebuilds Rocket Launch Site, in Ominous Signal about Attitude to Talks,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Washington Post

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March 6, 2019: “North Korea Rebuilding Long-range Rocket Site in Sign of Displeasure after Failed Nuke Talks, Experts Say,” Joshua Pollack and Grace Liu in The Japan Times

March 6, 2019: “Satellite Images Show Buildings Still Standing at Indian Bombing Site,” Jeffrey Lewis in Reuters (via The New York Times)

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March 5, 2019: “Europe at Risk of ‘New Nuclear Arms Race’ If US and Russia Deploy New Weapons Warn Experts,” Joshua Pollack in Express (UK)

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March 2, 2019: “North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Heads Home from Vietnam after Trump Nuclear Summit Collapse,” Jeffrey Lewis in AP (via NBC News)

March 1, 2019: “U.S. Military to Permanently Cancel Large-scale Exercises on Korean Peninsula,” Jeffrey Lewis in Los Angeles Times

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February 27 2019: “How Civilian Firms Fact-Check North Korea’s Denuclearization Efforts,” Jeffrey Lewis in The New Yorker

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February 23, 2019: “Hanoi Summit May Do Nothing about North Korea Nukes. Trump’s Still Using It for His Campaign,” Joshua Pollack in HuffPost

February 20, 2019: “Second U.S.-North Korea Summit Likely Focus on Nuclear Weapons Center,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

February 19, 2019: “What a Transfer of Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia Would Mean for National Security,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR‘s All Things Considered

February 14, 2019: “Saudi Arabia’s Missile Race,” CNS report cited in the Economist

February 13, 2019: “U.S. Revives Secret Program to Sabotage Iranian Missiles and Rockets,” Shea Cotton in New York Times

February 12, 2019: “North Korea Keeps Stockpiling Materials to Make Nuclear Weapons, Report Finds,” CNS report in the Wall Street Journal

February 11, 2019: “Second Iranian Satellite Launch Attempt in a Month Fails,” Dave Schmerler and Jeffrey Lewis in Spaceflight Now

February 9, 2019: “Biological Warfare Threat: Kim Jong-Un May Have BIOLOGICAL Weapons,” Joshua Pollack in Express (UK)

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February 6, 2019: “Satellite Imagery Suggests 2nd Iranian Space Launch Has Failed,” Dave Schmerler on NPR

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February 5, 2019: “Trump Will Meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Vietnam,” Andrea Berger in Vox

February 5, 2019: “Russia Says It Must Develop New Nuclear Warhead-carrying Missiles by 2021,” Angela Kane on CNBC

February 3, 2019: “Is China’s ‘Guam killer’ Missile All It’s Hyped Up to Be?” Joshua Pollack in Asia Times

February 2, 2019: “US Suspends Compliance with INF Treaty, May Withdraw in 6 months,” Laura Rockwood in Al Jazeera America

February 2, 2019: “U.S. Envoy to North Korea Warns of ‘Asia-Pacific Nuclear Weapons Challenge’ but Softens Demand for List of Arsenal,” Joshua Pollack in The Japan Times

February 1, 2019: “US Confirms Nuclear Treaty Exit,” Angela Kane on the BBC

February 1, 2019: “The U.S. and Russia Are Stocking Up on Missiles and Nukes for a Different Kind of War,” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

February 1, 2019: “The D Brief,” Shea Cotton in Defense One

January 31, 2019: “With Putin and Trump in Charge, the Risk of Nuclear War Returns,” Nikolai Sokov in Bloomberg Businessweek

January 30, 2019: CNN Newsroom (Transcript), Joshua Pollack on CNN

January 30, 2019: “Trump Just Admitted North Korea Might Keep Its Nuclear Weapons,” Joshua Pollack in VOX

January 28, 2019: “State Media Reports North Korea Deploying Facial Recognition at International Airport,” CNS report cited in Biometric Update

January 27, 2019: “Experts: Saudi Arabia Is Conducting Ballistic Missile Tests,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Jerusalem Post

January 26, 2019: “Saudi Arabia Appears to Be Testing Ballistic Missiles Program, Satellite Images Show,” Jeffrey Lewis in Associated Press (via Ha’aretz)

January 25, 2019: “Saudi Arabia May Be Producing Rocket Motors,” Jeffrey Lewis in Jane’s Defence Weekly

January 24, 2019: “Saudis Building Their Wwn Ballistic Missiles, Report Says,” David Schmerler on Fox News

January 24, 2019: “Saudi Arabia May Be Building Its First Weapons for a ‘Missile Race in the Middle East,’ Experts Say,” Jeffrey Lewis in Newsweek

January 23, 2019: “World War 3: Nuclear Tensions Highest Since Cuban Missile Crisis, Warns Expert,” Angela Kane in Express (UK)

January 23, 2019: “Can Saudi Arabia Produce Ballistic Missiles? Satellite Imagery Raises Suspicions,” Jeffrey Lewis and Dave Schmerler in The Washington Post

January 22, 2019: “Nuclear Instability at Levels Not Seen Since Cuban Missile Crisis, Says Former US Ambassador,” Angela Kane on CNBC

January 22, 2019: “America’s F-35 Stealth Fighter: The Ultimate Missile Killer?” Jeffrey Lewis in the The National Interest

January 21, 2019: “Monterey Locals React to Growing Presidential Candidates List,” Philipp Bleek in KION

January 21, 2019: “US Made Mistake Refusing Offer to Inspect Russian Missiles Suspected of INF Treaty Breach: Sergey Lavrov,” Nikolai Sokov and Miles Pomper in

January 19, 2019: “How US and China’s African Nuclear Mission Could Provide Model for Disarming North Korea,” Miles Pomper in the South China Morning Post

January 18, 2019: “North Korea’s Bio Weapons ‘More of a Threat than Nuclear Arsenal’,” CNS report cited in The Daily Telegraph (UK)

January 18, 2019: “It’s Official: Trump and Kim Jong Un Will Have a Second Summit,” Andrea Berger in Vox

January 17, 2019: “North Korea Obscures Leaders’ Visits to Missile Development Sites, Report Says,” Jeffrey Lewis and David Schmerler in The New York Times

January 17, 2019: “Trump’s New Missile Policy Relies Heavily on Largely Unproven Technologies,” Jeffrey Lewis in Defense One

January 17, 2019: “Trump’s Missile-Defense Plan Won’t Work,” Jeffrey Lewis in The Daily Beast

January 17, 2019: “Pentagon Considers an ICBM-killing Weapon for the F-35, But Is It Affordable?” Joshua Pollack and Jeffrey Lewis in the Air Force Times

January 17, 2019: “How a Peninsula Resident—and One of the World’s Leading Experts on Nuclear Policy— Came to Write a Novel about Nuclear War in the Time of Trump,” Jeffrey Lewis in the Monterey County Weekly

January 16, 2019: “North Korean Negotiator Expected to Visit U.S. as Relations Thaw,” Joshua Pollack in The Wall Street Journal

January 15, 2019: “Iran’s Satellite Launcher Isn’t ‘Virtually Identical’ to a Ballistic Missile,” Jeffrey Lewis in Quartz

January 15, 2019: “North Korea’s Less-Known Military Threat: Biological Weapons,” CNS report cited in The New York Times

January 14, 2019: “Iran Is Preparing a Launch. But Is It for a Space Rocket or a Missile?” Jeffrey Lewis on NPR

January 14, 2019: “North Korea’s Nuclear Program Quietly Advances, Pressuring Trump,” Jeffrey Lewis in Bloomberg News

January 12, 2019: “MIIS study: North Korea ‘Peaceful’ Technology Could Have Military Applications,” Bill Potter and Joshua Pollack in The Monterey County Herald

January 9, 2019: “Images Show Iran Prepping Satellite Launch Despite Pompeo’s Threat,” Jeffrey Lewis on CNN

January 8, 2019: “Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s Day Speech: Understanding ‘Sovereignty’ Is the Key,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

January 4, 2019: “Reforming the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty for New Realities,” Saurabh Todi in The Diplomat

January 3, 2019: “North Korea Could Have 100 Nuclear Warheads by 2020: Analyst,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

January 3, 2019: “Donald Trump Says Second Summit with North Korea Will Happen Soon after ‘Great Letter’ from Kim,” Joshua Pollack in

January 2, 2019: “Russia’s Deadly Iskander-M Ballistic Missile Is Headed to Kaliningrad Exclave,” Jeffrey Lewis in The National Interest

January 2, 2019: “Trump ‘Looks Forward’ to Meeting Kim Jong-Un for a Second Time after North Korean Leader’s Keynote Speech,” Joshua Pollack in The Daily Telegraph (UK)

January 1, 2019: “Trump ‘Looks Forward’ to New Meeting with N. Korea’s Kim,” Joshua Pollack in Breitbart News

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