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Week 1: Karni and Toshiba

1) Basic overviews on threats of weapons of mass destruction provided on the NTI website (particularly review the top pages for nuclear, biological, chemical, and delivery systems.)

2) NTI Glossary of Terms

3) View full version of Mark Shapiro’s “The Nuclear Underground” which details the Karni case:


Week 2: Supplier Groups

1) Inventory of International Nonproliferation Organizations & Regimes

2) Dennis Gormley, “Winning on Ballistic Missile but Losing on Cruise,” Arms Control Today, vol. 39, no. 10 (December 2009): 22-29

3) Panel Presentation on the Future of the Nuclear Supplier Group,


Week 3: Khan and Other Networks

1) Mark Schapiro and Michael Montgomery, “Business of the Bomb: The Modern Nuclear Marketplace,” American Radioworks audio documentary, available via

2) 60 Minute’s report “How Iran Obtains U.S. Technology,” available via

3) Andrea Stricker, Case Study – United States Busts Likely North Korean Transshipment Scheme,


Week 4: New Approaches

*Recent article about June NSG meeting:

1) UNSCR 1540: Toward a Safe, Secure World, produced by the Stanley Foundation and the Stimson Center, (

2) Short Video Report on OSCE Workshop on U.N. Security Council Resolution 1540

3) See the PSI website at

4) Ian Williams, “Proliferation Security Initiative: Ten Years On,”

5) Andrew Kurzrok and Gretchen Hund, “Stopping Illicit Procurement: Lessons From Global Finance,”


Week 5: Systems

1) Daniel Salisbury, How the Private Sector Can Do More to Prevent Illicit Trade,

2) Stephanie Lieggi and Masako Toki, The Mitutoyo Case: Will Japan Learn from Its Mistakes or Repeat Them?,

3) Doreen M. Edelman, Export Control Reform is Here – What Now? How Do I Classify My Product?,

4) Understanding US Export Controls,


Week 6: The Future

1) David Albright, Ring Magnets for IR-1 Centrifuges,

2) Melissa Hanham, North Korea’s Procurement Network Strikes Again: Examining How Chinese Missile Hardware Ended Up in Pyongyang,