East Asia Nonproliferation Program



  • Training for East Asian scholars and government officials
  • Promoting dialogue on arms control and nonproliferation
  • Consultating and outreach

Training in the East Asia Nonproliferation Program (EANP)


  • Export Control Fellows Program for Chinese Officials
    The center hosts 4-6 fellows per year from China’s export control system for an intensive summer program focused on strategic trade controls. Different agencies in China’s export control system send officials who study relevant issues together with academics at Chinese universities. The fellows then take part in a three week training session held at the Center for International Trade and Security at the University of Georgia. They then travel to Washington DC for discussions with U.S. experts.


  • Visiting Fellows Program
    Leading East Asian experts and government officials are invited annually to conduct research in Monterey, hosted by CNS’s East Asian Nonproliferation Program and CNS’s Nonproliferation Education Program. The visiting fellows attend a special nonproliferation lecture series hosted by CNS. Some also visit Washington, DC, to meet U.S. arms control and nonproliferation experts.
  • China-Washington Intensive Nonproliferation Seminar (WINS)
    The WINS program brought Chinese officials, researchers, and military officers to Washington, DC for informal discussions on arms control, nonproliferation, and regional security issues with their U.S. counterparts. WINS provided a valuable opportunity for Chinese participants and U.S. experts to exchange views and to understand each other’s perspectives on arms control and nonproliferation issues.
  • Train the Trainers Initiative
    The objective of the initiative was to provide training and course materials to Chinese university professors in order to promote the emergence of nonproliferation and arms control specialists in China.

    The program involved:

    • Developing an introductory arms control course
    • Training Chinese university professors to use the course
    • Providing teaching materials (in Chinese and English) for new courses or to incorporate into existing courses

    EANP conducted its first training workshop for 16 Chinese professors in Monterey, California from 29 July-12 August 2000. A second workshop took place from 31 July-14 August 2001.

  • Tsinghua University Summer Symposium on Arms Control
    Tsinghua University’s Institute of International Studies hosted the inaugural “Tsinghua University Summer Symposium on Arms Control” in August 2002. The Center for Nonproliferation Studies and the Union of Concerned Scientists co-sponsored the symposium.

Goals included:

  • Providing training and continuing education on arms control and nonproliferation issues to Chinese graduate students and junior professionals
  • Promoting interest in the study of arms control and nonproliferation in China
  • Strengthening ties between individuals and organizations in China’s arms control community

The Tsinghua symposium was the first seminar in China to bring together participants from the military, academia, and research institutions to focus exclusively on arms control and nonproliferation issues.