Nonproliferation Review • 9.3 • Fall 2002

Volume 9 • Number 3


Ambassador Linton Brooks on U.S. Nuclear Policy
conducted by Leonard S. Spector


Nonproliferation Education in the United States: Part 1: Undergraduate Education
A Nonproliferation Review Survey

Nuclear Regionalism in Russia: Decentralization and Control in the Nuclear Complex
by Adam Stulberg

Misapplied Lessons? 9/11 and the Iraq Debate
by Jeffrey W. Knopf

The Impact of the Nuclear Posture Review on the International Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
by Jean du Preez


The Case for an Enforceable Consensus against NBC First Use
by Lewis A. Dunn

China’s Fissile Material Protection, Control, and Accounting: The Case for Renewed Collaboration
by Nathan Busch


Second Tier Proliferation: The Case of Pakistan and North Korea
by Guarav Kampani

Homeland Security in America’s Dairyland
by Benjamin Heath

The G8 Global Partnership against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction
by Charles L. Thornton

Recent Developments in China’s Export Controls: New Regulations and New Challenges
by Jing-dong Yuan, Phillip P. Saunders, and Stephanie Lieggi

Illicit Trafficking in the Southern Tier and Turkey since 1999: A Shift from Europe
by Lyudmila Zaitseva


Tritium on Ice: The Dangerous New Alliance of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power
Reviewed by James Clay Moltz


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