Nonproliferation Review • 9.2 • Summer 2002

Volume 9 • Number 2


Ambassador Henrik Salander on the 2002 NPT Preparatory Committee
conducted by William C. Potter, Mary Beth Nikitin, & Tariq Rauf

Special Section on Missile Proliferation

by Mark Smith

U.S.-DPRK Missile Negotiations
by Gary Samore

The Neglected Dimension: Controlling Cruise Missile Proliferation
by Dennis M. Gormley

The Global Control System and the International Code of Conduct: Competition or Cooperation?
by Yuri E. Fedorov

Layered Defense, Layered Attack: The Missile Race in the Middle East
by Mohamed Kadry Said

Missile Issues in South Asia
by Naeem Ahmad Salik

A Japanese Perspective on Missile Defense and Strategic Coordination
by Ken Jimbo

Missile Issues in East Asia
by Zhong Jing


Missile Defense: More May Be Better—for China
by Wade L. Huntley

Transparency and Predictability Measures for U.S. and Russian Strategic Arms Reductions
by Oleg Bukharin & James Doyle

Why Do States Rely on Nuclear Weapons? The Case of Russia and Beyond
by Nikolai Sokov

Illicit Nuclear Trafficking in the NIS: What’s New? What’s True?
by William C. Potter & Elena Sokova


Unilateral Security? U.S. Arms Control Policy and Asian-Pacific Security
by Xu Weidi


Establishing Confident Accounting for Russian Weapons Plutonium
by Thomas W. Wood, Bruce D. Reid, John L. Smoot, & James L. Fuller


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