Nonproliferation Review • 9.1 • Spring 2002

Volume 9 • Number 1


The United Kingdom, Nuclear Weapons, and the Scottish Question
by Malcolm Chalmers and William Walker

China’s Role in the Chemical and Biological Disarmament Regimes
by Eric Croddy

Biotechnology and Biochemical Weapons
by Mark Wheelis

Safeguarding This and Verifying That: Fuzzy Concepts, Confusing Terminology, and Their Detrimental Effects on Nuclear Husbandry
by Morten Bremer Maerli and Roger G. Johnston

Whither the Role of Private Foundations in Support of International Security Policy?
by Mitchel B. Wallerstein


Managing Proliferation in South Asia: A Case for Assistance to Unsafe Nuclear Arsenals
by Robert E. Rehbein

In the Shadow of Anthrax: Strengthening the Biological Disarmament Regime
by Jonathan B. Tucker

Prisms and Paradigms
by Michael Krepon

A Japanese View on Nuclear Disarmament
by Yukiya Amano


The German Plutonium Balance, 1968-1999
by Martin B. Kalinowski, Wolfgang Liebert, and Silke Aumann

Technical and Proliferation-Related Aspects of the Dismantlement of Russian Alfa-Class Nuclear Submarines
by Mohini Rawool-Sullivan, Paul D. Moskowitz, and Ludmila N. Shelenkova


Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, edited by Pavel Podvig (MIT Press, 2001)
Reviewed by Nikolai Sokov


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