Nonproliferation Review • 8.2 • Summer 2001

Volume 8 • Number 2


Thoughts about an Integrated Strategy for Nuclear Cooperation with Russia
(full text of article) by Siegfried S. Hecker

An Analysis of Iraqi WMD Strategy
by Amatzia Baram

Economic and Technological Trends Affecting Nuclear Nonproliferation
by Stanley A. Erickson

The Costs and Benefits of Japans Nuclearization: An Insight into the 1968/70 Internal Report
by Yuri Kase

The Determinants of Nonproliferation Export Controls: A Membership-Fee Explanation
by Richard T. Cupitt, Suzette Grillot, & Yuzo Murayama

New Challenges to Arms Export Control: Whither Wassenaar?
by Ron Smith & Bernard Udis


WMD Proliferation: An International Crime?
by Barry Kellman

Integrated Safeguards: Status and Trends
by Victor Bragin, John Carlson, & Russell Leslie

Prospects for Arms Control and Proliferation in the Middle East
by Nabil Fahmy

Security Challenges in South Asia
by Maleeha Lodhi


Missile Messages: Iran Strikes MKO Bases in Iraq
by Amin Tarzi & Darby Parliament

The Complex Politics of Foreign Assistance: Building the Landysh in the Russian Far East
by Cristina Chuen & Tamara Troyakova


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