Nonproliferation Review • 7.3 • Fall 2000

Volume 7 • Number 3


Ambassador Abdallah Baali on the 2000 NPT Review Conference
conducted by Tariq Rauf


The South African Chemical and Biological Warfare Program: An Overview
by Chandré Gould and Peter I. Folb

Confidence-Building Measures for the BTWC: Performance and Potential
by Marie Isabelle Chevrier and Iris Hunger

Parameters of Stable Deterrence in a Proliferated Middle East: Lessons from the 1991 Gulf War
by Gerald M. Steinberg

The Impact of National Missile Defense on Nonproliferation Regimes
by James Clay Moltz

Commercial Nuclear Trading Networks as Indicators of Nuclear Weapons Intentions
by Jennifer Hunt Morstein and Wayne D. Perry


Biological Terrorism Targeted at Agriculture: The Threat to US National Security
by Rocco Casagrande

The Spread of Ballistic Missiles and the Transformation of Global Security
by Aaron Karp

Indias Nuclear Doctrine: Confused Ambitions
by P.R. Chari


NPT Export Controls and the Zangger Committee
by Fritz Schmidt

Implementing the DPRK Nuclear Deal: What US Law Requires
by Henry Sokolski

Economics vs. Nonproliferation: US Launch Quota Policy Toward Russia, Ukraine, and China
by Victor Zaborsky


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