Nonproliferation Review • 7.2 • Summer 2000

Volume 7 • Number 2


German Scientists in the Soviet Atomic Project
by Pavel V. Oleynikov

When Sukarno Sought the Bomb: Indonesian Nuclear Aspirations in the Mid-1960s
by Robert M. Cornejo

Conversion of Russian Chemical Weapons Production Facilities: Conflicts with the CWC
by Sonia Ben Ouagrham


Can the United States Influence the WMD Policies of Iraq and Iran?
by Michael Eisenstadt

Compliance Politics: A Critical Analysis of Multilateral Arms Control Treaty Enforcement
by Harald Müller

Reforming the Multilateral Export Control Regimes
by Michael Beck

The Conference on Disarmament at the Crossroads: To Revitalize or Dissolve?
by Jozef Goldblat

Relearning the ABCs: Terrorists and “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
by Morten Bremer Maerli


Uses of Commercial Satellite Imagery in FMCT Verification
by Hui Zhang

The Pavlodar Chemical Weapons Plant in Kazakhstan: History and Legacy
by Gulbarshyn Bozheyeva

Raising International Standards for Protecting Nuclear Materials from Theft and Sabotage
by George Bunn

1999 WMD Terrorism Chronology: Incidents Involving Sub-National Actors and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Materials
by Gavin Cameron, Jason Pate, Diana McCauley, & Lindsay DeFazio


The Middle East Resolution


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