Nonproliferation Review • 7.1 • Spring 2000

Volume 7 • Number 1


Isotopes and Identity: Australia and the Nuclear Weapons Option, 1949-1999
by Jacques E.C. Hymans

Ideas, Beliefs, and Nuclear Policies: The Cases of South Africa and Ukraine
by William J. Long and Suzette R. Grillot

North Korean Behavior in Nuclear Negotiations
by Yong-Sup Han

SPECIAL REPORT — Assessing US Nonproliferation Assistance to the NIS

by James Clay Moltz

Strategic Offensive Arms Elimination and Weapons Protection, Control, and Accounting
by John W.R. Lepingwell and Nikolai Sokov

Russian Nuclear Submarine Dismantlement and the Naval Fuel Cycle
by James Clay Moltz

Preventing the Proliferation of Chemical and Biological Weapon Materials and Know-How
by Jonathan B. Tucker and Kathleen M. Vogel

Cooperative Efforts to Secure Fissile Material in the NIS
by Emily Ewell Daughtry and Fred L. Wehling

Efforts to Strengthen Export Controls and Combat Illicit Trafficking and Brain Drain
by Scott Parrish and Tamara Robinson


Assessing the Assessment: The 1999 National Intelligence Estimate of the Ballistic Missile Threat
by Joseph Cirincione

The NPT at a Crossroads
by Jayantha Dhanapala

The 2000 NPT Review Conference
by Tariq Rauf

WMD Terrorism in the United States: The Threat and Possible Countermeasures
by Gavin Cameron

Sustainability: A Vital Component of Nuclear Material Security in Russia
by William C. Potter and Fred L. Wehling


Argentina and the Bomb


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