Nonproliferation Review • 6.3 • Spring-Summer 1999

Volume 6 • Number 3


Biological Weapons in the Former Soviet Union: An Interview With Dr. Kenneth Alibek
conducted by Jonathan B. Tucker


An Impossible Game: Stable Nuclear Deterrence After the Indian and Pakistani Tests
by Mario E. Carranza

Command and Control Challenges in South Asia
by Clayton P. Bowen and Daniel Wolvén

The Hague and Ottawa Conventions: A Model for Future Weapon Ban Regimes?
by Ken Rutherford


The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction: A US Response
by Richard G. Lugar

Information Warfare: Hype or Reality?
by E. Anders Eriksson

Theater Missile Defense and Northeast Asian Security
by Yan Xuetong

The Plutonium Fallacy: An Update
by Paul Leventhal and Steven Dolley

Arsenic and Old Weapons: Chemical Weapons Disposal in Russia
by Milton E. Blackwood, Jr.

The Convergence of Arms Control and Nonproliferation: Vive la Différence
by Zachary S. Davis


The CTBT Special Conference on Entry Into Force
by John V. Parachini with Tom Birmingham

Does Saudi Arabia Have or Seek Chemical or Biological Weapons?
by Dany Shoham

US-Ukrainian Nuclear Cooperation: Is Kyiv Ready for It?
by Victor Zaborsky


Nuclear- and Missile-Related Trade and Developments for Selected Countries
by Clay Bowen, Erik Jorgensen, Gaurav Kampani, and Fred Wehling


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