Nonproliferation Review • 6.2 • Winter 1999

Volume 6 • Number 2


Giving Nonproliferation Norms Teeth: Sanctions and the NPPA
by Randy J. Rydell

The Status of Norms against Nuclear Testing
by George Bunn

The Reincarnation of CoCom: Explaining Post-Cold War Export Controls
by Michael Lipson


Strengthening the Nonproliferation Regime: How Much Progress Have We Made?
by Piet de Klerk

The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization: Achievements and Challenges
by Joel Wit

Ensuring the Security of Russia’s Chemical Weapons: A Lab-to-Lab Partnering Program
by Kathleen Vogel

Securing Russian Nuclear Materials: The Need for an Expanded US Response
by Todd Perry

Alternative Approaches to Russian Plutonium Disposition
by Kory W. Budlong Sylvester

Nuclear Safeguards as an Evolutionary System
by John Carlson, Victor Bragin, John Bardsley, and John Hill


The 1999 NPT PrepCom
by Tariq Rauf and John Simpson

Russian Nuclear and Missile Exports to Iran
by Fred Wehling

Uzbekistan’s National Security Policy and Nonproliferation by Kholisa Sodikova


Nuclear- and Missile-Related Trade and Developments for Selected Countries
by Michael Barletta, Clay Bowen, Gaurav Kampani, and Tamara Robinson


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