Nonproliferation Review • 5.3 • Spring-Summer 1998

Volume 5 • Number 3


CANDU or CANDON’T: Competing Values behind Canada’s Nuclear Sales
by Duane Bratt

Lessons of Iranian Missile Programs for U.S. Nonproliferation Policy
Aaron Karp

Assesing the First Year of the Chemical Weapons Convention
by Alexander Kelle

Russia’s Missile Industry and U.S. Nonproliferation Options
by Victor Mizin

Chemical and Biological Weapons in Egypt
by Dany Shoham


On Proliferation Watch: Some Reflections on the Past Quarter Century
by Lewis Dunn

Making Progress on a Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty after the South Asian Tests
by George Bunn

The MTCR and EU Expansion
by Wyn Bowen

Commercial Satellite Imagery and the CTBT Verification Process
by Vipin Gupta and Frank Pabian

Establishing International Standards for Physical Protection of Nuclear Material
by Bonnie D. Jenkins


U.S.-Chinese Lab-to-Lab Technical Exchange Program
by Nancy Prindle

NIS Nuclear Smuggling since 1995: A Lull in Significant Cases?
by Emily Ewell

Nonproliferation and Kazakhstani Security Policy
by Murat Laumulin


Nuclear-and Missile-Related Trade and Developments for Selected Countries
by Michael Barletta, Clay Bowen, Kent Jamison, and Gaurav Kampani


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